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Insert Dramatic Finale Here (part 2 of 3)







Tash blinked. "Who turned on the Special Effects Boombox?"

Harriet frowned. "Not sure… it just turns itself on before fight scenes."



"QUIET!" Retsa impaled the boombox with a spear of rock.

"Hey! That was our best boombox! THIS MEANS WAR!" Harriet lunged at Retsa, swinging her cricket bat.


Retsa was blasted off her feet, drilling through five rows of Ubers before plowing into the sand, traveling another 20 feet before stopping.

Eolhc lunged toward Harriet, preparing to slip a knife in her ribs…




A handful of explosive Rubik's Cubes blasted Eolhc backwards. Before the PCMSPS Agent had landed, the other Agents were already charging their counterparts, while Ubers swarmed the rest of the ACMSES.


Drake swatted aside an Uber-Stu before stabbing at Ekard. The PCMSPS Agent barely caught the blow on his spear, pushing it aside.

"Storm Kick!" Drake planted a boot in Ekard's chest, throwing him backwards. Before he could press the advantage, a pair of Ubers lunged at him, forcing him to deal with them. By the time he had dealt with them, Ekard was already back on his feet.

"Drought Punch!"

"Storm Punch!"

The Agent's fists collided, forming an explosion of violet light that knocked them both back.

"Drought Kick!"

Ekard leapt towards Drake, foot outstretched Drake grinned.

"Storm Punch!" As Ekard's foot shot towards Drake's head, Drake reached up one hand, grabbing the PCMSPS Agent's foot and yanking on it before delivering the Storm Punch to Ekard's face. The doppelganger was sent flying backwards, slamming into the ground.

Drake raised a fist in triumph, but his victory was short-lived as an Uber-Sue struck from behind, preparing to stab him in the back…


A blast from Bahamut vaporized it, then went on to slam into another battalion of Ubers, vaporizing them as well.

Drake blinked. "Ben?"

"Do you know someone else with a guitar that doubles as a weapon?"


"Speaking of weapons, behind you!"

Drake spun around in time to stop Ekard's spear from decapitating him.

"Wait… how do you decapitate someone with a spear?"

"Like this!" Ekard hissed, swinging his spear in a wide arc and bringing it down towards Drake's neck


Ekard blinked. "Huh…"


Ekard was pushed back a few feet, and his strike went wide.

"Slicing… GALE!" The point-blank attack blasted Ekard off his feet, sending him flying into the air. Drake turned to Tyler, who was already fishing a second explosive out of his pouch.

"Out of curiosity, where's Relyt?"

"Oh… he's fighting his way past his own Ubers."

"Isn't he wearing opposite colors from you?"

"I stole some spraypaint when we left."


"Why thank you."

"Excuse me! Fighting the Ubers and Relyt here!" Ben yelled. "And Ekard's coming back down!"

"Sorry!" Drake and Tyler apologized simultaneously, running off to deal with their respective counterparts.


"Deadly… Impact!" Kyle slammed a fist into an Uber-Stu, vaporizing it. As the recoil from the punch launched Kyle into air, he turned over once, then extended both feet, dropping towards the ground.

"Blasting Quake!" Kyle slammed into the ground feet first, and a massive explosion rippled out, vaporizing every Uber within 30 feet.

The force of the recoil launched him back into the air, but this time he drew the Omni-weapon, as the blade and handle of a flamberge appeared out of it. As Kyle landed, he was already swinging the flamberge, decapitating three Ubers with one swing, then going to work on the rest. In several minutes, only ten Ubers remained, two of which were running away, while the other eight gathered together before charging Kyle as one.

"Closer… closer…" As the Ubers leapt for Kyle, he spun in a circle to gather speed before launching a mighty swing with the rapidly-extending Omni-weapon. The slice bisected all eight Ubers, who had finished vaporizing before they reached Kyle. Kyle spun the flamberge once more before shrinking it into a simple broadsword.

"Coming through!"


Out of nowhere, Tyler appeared, arcing over Kyle's head and landing in a heap behind a rock that seemed to have appeared from nowhere.

Kyle blinked. "What happened to you, and where did that rock come from?"

"I came from over there, where Relyt hit me with an energy blast. As for the rock, I have no idea."


Relyt, just as Tyler and the rock had, suddenly appeared from nowhere, jumping over the rock, only to be met by an explosion, propelling him into a rapidly approaching Ekard. Both the PCMSPS Agents crashed into the rock, as Ben and Drake came running up.

"Storm Kick!"

"Don't mess with nukes!"

Tyler, who had been climbing over the rock, immediately dived back down, while Drake somehow changed direction in midair to avoid the falling warhead.


The entire area was lit up in blinding light, and Kyle dived behind another convenient rock. When the light faded, Relyt and Ekard were nowhere to be seen.

Tyler blinked. "Where did they go."

"We're behind you, idiot."

"No you're not."


"You're in front of me."

"No, we're behind you!"

Tyler turned around. "No, you're in front of me. Drake's behind me."

"Storm kick!"

Relyt and Ekard paled. "Oh…"


Ekard and Relyt went flying, landing in a crumpled heap. Drake struck an appropriately awesome pose, before he and Tyler ran off, followed by Ben, who was blasting Ubers left and right with the power of rock.

Kyle blinked.


"Jurai-Ken… Rinwi!" Tash shot forward, pointing both feet at Retsa, who barely dodged in time.

"Yah!" AS Retsa prepared to launch a spike of rock and Tash, Harriet's cricket bat slammed into her from behind, sending her flying facefirst into the sand. Retsa jumped back to her feet, and was about to launch a fireball at Harriet, when a high-pressure blast of water knocked her off her feet. She got up, spluttering furiously, as Aster landed in front of her.


Ossa blocked a strike from an Uber-Sue, then sliced it in half, jumping aside to avoid a blast of energy that had shot down from the ship now floating far above the field of battle.



"What physics does this fandom use?"

"Game physics mostly, with a bit of anime."

"Ah. Good. This should work then."

As the next blast shot down, Ossa swung her sword upwards, and as blast and blade connected, contrary to all known laws of physics, the blast shot back upwards, pointing towards the cannons from whence it came.


Yzzo grinned as the energy blast rocketed down towards her counterpart. The grin faded and was replaced by a look of abject horror as the energy blast reversed course, heading straight towards her.

"Oh no…"

She leapt out of her chair, turning to run, but she never made it. The blast ripped through the hull of the ship, incinerating the PCMSPS Agent instantly.


Yzzo's death seemed to rally the ACMSES, and the tide of battle began to turn.


Cristoph dodged a slash from Hpotsirc, and stabbed forward with a sai. Hpotsirc barely got his sword up in time to defend himself, and even so, all he could manage was to deflect the blade into leaving a long cut along his arm. Cristoph drew a second sai, stabbing at Hpotsirc's stomach. The PCMSPS Agent shifted slightly, and the attack missed. Hpotsirc grinned. With a powerful shoulder tackle, Cristoph was sent stumbling backwards. Hpotsirc raised his katana in preparation for a killing blow.

"Time to-URK!"

From nowhere, a shuriken suddenly appeared in Hpotisirc's stomach. The PCMSPS Agent blinked, as if not believing what was currently lodged in his gut. He scrabbled around at the shuriken, as if to confirm its existence, before toppling to his knees, and finally slumping over.

Cristoph ran over to check if Hpotsirc was dead, but there was no need. As he approached, the PCMSPS Agent slowly dissolved into specks of glowing golden light, which floated up into the sky, and were drawn into the massive airship hovering over the battlefield.

Cristoph frowned, but quickly ran off to find Rhia.


"Bolero of Steam!" Willie slashed the air in a pattern, which turned into steam and shot forward. Eilliw tapped the button on his weapon, which became a fan, blowing the steam back at Willie, who dived to one side so as to avoid being boiled alive.

"Hellfire!" A blast of pitch-black flames rocketed towards Eilliw, who countered with a large missile.

"Wood Imprisonment!" A cage of wood formed around Eilliw. The PCMSPS Agent frowned.

"Haven't we done this before?"

"What do you mean?"

"Not sure… this just feels sort of… familiar."

"Déjà vu?"

"I guess… anyway!" Eilliw's weapon became a mace, smashing the bars of the wooden cage, and sending slivers flying towards Willie, who deflected them off the edge of his sword, and slashed at Eilliw's head.

"Prepare to die, Eilliw!"

"That's my line! I'm the villain here!" Eilliw's weapon turned into a club, and he swung it, knocking the sword away.

"I said it fair and square! Water Scythe!" Willie slashed the air in another pattern, which glowed blue before transforming into a blade of water and slashing at Eilliw. The PCMSPS Agent screamed as it sliced into his shoulder, but managed to fire a single rocket at Willie.

The Society Agent readied his sword, slashing an orange pattern in the air. "Fire…"

The missile moved closer and closer.

"SLASH!" Willie swung his sword, and the pattern wrapped around the sword, transforming into flames. Willie slashed the missile in half, and the flames of the explosion were absorbed into the sword. Eilliw was unable to dodge in time, and the blade cut him neatly in half. Before either half could hit the ground, they had both dissolved into golden light, that was sucked into the airship, like Hpotsirc had been.

Willie dropped the sword point first into the soft sand, leaning on it, and admired the beauty of the death.


"Jurai-Ken… Tairenso!" Tash exploded into a whirlwind of flame, slamming into Retsa and sending her skidding back, into a blast of wind from Aster. The PCMSPS leader was thrown into the air, but managed to flip over and land softly on the ground, only to get knocked backwards by Harriet's cricket bat. After righting herself, Retsa blocked a blast of water with a wall of rock before unleashing a firestorm towards all three of her assailants, sending them flying. Tash recovered quickest, lunging at Retsa with a fierce slash, but Retsa simply knocked it aside with a stone gauntlet before blasting Tash backwards with a burst of solar energy. Hati was next, but a wall of rock pushed her to one side. Finally, Aster charged her, but a flamethrower-like blast stopped her in her tracks.

"All of you… DIE!" Retsa thrust out both arms, and a ring of fire erupted outward. All three Agents were forced to take cover behind convenient rocks to avoid being roasted. Retsa took the opportunity to pull out a Space Hammer card and activate it. Aster, Hati and Tash held their collective breaths. What deadly weapon would it transform into. The card glowed white, morphing into…

…An unintimidating-looking rubber haddock. Tash blinked. Retsa frowned, and gave it a small test swing…. that produced an explosion powerful enough to blast the rock Tash was hiding behind into dust. For a moment, all combat stopped, and everyone simply stared at the Haddock of Mass Destruction. Retsa grinned, very, very, evilly. Then Aster slammed into her from behind, and the Haddock went flying high into the air.


Somewhere in the ship…

Ssej was tapping buttons on an Ipod, blissfully unaware of the fact that her actions were launching cannonfire at the battle below. This may have been the reason that she didn't notice the haddock flying into a small gap in the ship's hull. It was almost certainly why she didn't move as it struck the floor in front of her, releasing an explosion that incinerated her instantly.


Karissa slipped out from behind the rock she had used for cover from the buzzsaw Assirak's Space Hammer had turned into. Assirak was standing only a few feet away, buzzsaw whirling loudly, back turned. Karissa blinked, before deciding not to look a gift horse in the mouth and lashing Gekkou at the doppelganger. The chain whip spun towards Assirak…

And passed straight through her. Karissa had only a short time to wonder what had happened before she had to leap away from Assirak"s buzzsaw.

"I can create illusions of myself! As you can, they work quite we-,"

She was cut off by Gekkou wrapping around her leg and yanking her off her feet. Karissa tugged on the chain whip, and Assirak was thrown past her to land in a heap on the sand. The double hurled the buzzsaw at Karissa, who dodged. Karissa swung Gekkou again, this time managing to leave a cut along her arm. Assirak spun with the blow, drawing a second Space Hammer and activating it. As it transformed into a long spear, Karissa swung Gekkou, wrapping around the spear and yanking hard. Assirak held on to the spear, running forwards to try and impale Karissa. Karissa stepped to one side, and the PCMSPS Agent stumbled past her, Gekkou pulling her around.


Karissa yanked on Gekkou again, and the spear was pulled out of Assirak's hand. Karissa spun once, whirling Gekkou, spear still attached, before swinging it at the PCMSPS Agent. Before Assirak could react, the blade had pierced her heart.



"Enchanto!" A blast of earth and a handful of Rubik's cubes slammed into Deraj and Eolhc, sending them flying.

"Boomhammer!" Jared rushed forward, jumping up and bringing the hammer down.

"Flashbar!" Deraj shielded his eyes, swinging the Flashbar up to meet the Boomhammer. The weapons collided, forming an explosion that launched Jared into the air. Unfortunately for Deraj, he had nowhere to go but further down.

"Disenchanto!" Eolhc rushed forward, swinging the bladed shield at Jared.

"Enchanto!" Chloe leaped between Eolhc and Jared, swinging her own shield and shoving Eolhc away.

"Quake!" Deraj took the time given him by Eolhc to recover and pound the ground, throwing Jared and Chloe off their feet.

"Tremor!" A shockwave ended Deraj's status of Only One Standing.

Chloe jumped up, bashing Deraj in the face with her shield.

Eolhc jumped forward, trying to impale Chloe.

"Boomhammer!" Eolhc was blasted off her feet by a sound wave.

"Flashbar!" Deraj lunged at Jared, swinging the crowbar.

"Yah!" Chloe stabbed Deraj hard in the leg. The doppelganger let out a cry of pain.

Eolhc swung the bladed edge of her shield at Chloe.

"Boomcenter!" Jared slammed the Boomhammer into the ground, and a huge wall of earth leapt up, towering over Eolhc.

"Oh no…"


Jared winced. That hadn't sounded pleasant. The golden dust now seeping out of the mound of earth added some strength to his theory.

"Jared, look out!"


"Wha-Gah! Boomhammer!"

Hammer and crowbar collided in what looked like a bolt of lightning. Deraj had shielded his eyes, but Jared hadn't and was now blinking rapidly, trying to get the spots out of his eyes. Deraj drew his revolver.

"Jared, it's been fun, but now it's over. Perhaps, if we meet up in the afterlife, I'll buy you a drink. Prepare to d-AUGH!"

Chloe removed her sword from his hand. Deraj dropped the revolver, clutching the injured hand in pain. Meanwhile, Jared had recovered the use of his eyes.


"Yah!" The shield smashed into Deraj with incredible force, nearly knocking him out. Then the Boomhammer hit him.


Deraj was launched into the air.

"Enchanto!" Deraj vaguely registered the word, and that three small cubes had appeared above him. Then he realized what was about to happen. He paled.


Jared and Chloe watched as the golden dust whirled upwards into the ship.


"Storm Kick!" Drake slammed his foot into Ekard's face, sending him flying and cracking his visor. The doppelganger landed hard, but flipped to his feet and drove his spear point-first into the ground.

"Erupting Earth!" An arc of red energy leapt toward Drake, who dodged and swept his spear across the ground.

"Slicing Gale!" The familiar blue energy blades appeared, but this time, they traveled along the ground, lifting into the air, forming miniature dust devils. Ekard tried to dodge, but the storms were all around him. They slammed into him, lifting him up and tearing into his armor before depositing him unceremoniously on the ground. Drake smirked. Ekard picked himself up, spitting sand out through his destroyed visor. As Drake ran forward, Ekard swung a foot upwards.

"Drought Kick!" Ekard's foot hit Drake in the chest, throwing him backwards. Ekard hopped to his feet.

"You may have gotten in a few lucky hits, Drake, but now I'm going to kill you."


Ekard blinked. "Why are you thanking me? I just threatened to kill you."

"Whatever. The point is, this fandom clearly isn't a dub. All the dissolving into golden dust was starting to worry me."


"Never mind."

"Drought Punch!" Ekard leapt forward, fist outstretched.

"Storm Punch!" Drake and Ekard collided in a brilliant purple explosion that forced both of them backwards.

"Slicing Gale!"

"Erupting Earth!" The two attacks whizzed past each other, slamming into Ekard and Drake respectively.

"Storm Kick!"

Drought Kick!" The two slammed into each other, and both Drake and Ekard were thrown back. Drake rolled to his feet, but Ekard had taken more damage during the fight, and simply hit the ground. Drake advanced on Ekard, who didn't seem like he was getting up any time soon. As Drake approached, Ekard rolled onto his back.

"Go on… finish it."

Drake frowned behind his visor. "No."


"Don't get me wrong, I'd love to. But frankly, I've watched enough movies to know that if I do, it's all really part of your master plan or something."

Ekard's eyes narrowed. "Fine. Drought Punch!"

As Ekard leapt up, Drake made a decision in his mind. As the fist approached his face, he caught it, hurling Ekard past him. Drake raised his spear.

"Slicing…. GALE!" The energy blades exploded forth, slicing Ekard apart and into golden dust.


Tyler dodged a strike from Relyt, countering with an explosive to the face.

"You know, you could just give up, Relyt. You're obviously outmatched."

"Where do you get that from? You hit me one measly time!"

"And set your own Ubers on you…"

"Okay, I admit, that was crafty, but-,"

"And hit you with a rock…"


"And then I threw an explosive at your face!"

"Fine. Three measly hits."



Tyler hurled another explosive at Relyt, blasting him off his feet.

"As I said; you're outmatched."

Relyt sprang up, already firing an energy blast at Tyler. Tyler sidestepped, firing a blast of wind. The blast rocketed towards Relyt, kicking up a dust cloud on the way. Relyt formed an energy shield to block, then prepared to retaliate… except Tyler was gone. Someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around, and Tyler punched him in the face.

Relyt stumbled backwards, clutching a bloody nose. "What the-,"

"Tylerportation. Where've you been?"

Somewhere, at least 100 feet away, ripping through a squad of Ubers, Shirley twitched.

"That's gotta be the worst pun ever," Relyt groaned.

"Probably," Tyler agreed.

Relyt lunged again, and for a few seconds the immediate ten feet were obscured by magic bursts colliding, explosions, and dust. Then they broke apart, flying in opposite directions, bouncing off rocks and shooting back at each other."


Tyler and Relyt collided in a brilliant purple explosion, blasting apart, only to charge at each other again. The battlefield they had chosen erupted into a maelstrom of destruction, and the two were hidden from view by a tornado of magic, only appearing for a few instants before vanishing into the storm again.

-Tyler smashing his staff into Relyt's arm….

-Relyt blasting Tyler in the face with a spray of energy…

-Tyler pummeling Relyt with a flurry of explosives….

-Relyt slamming Tyler to the ground with an energy rope…

-"Did you have a bad day-,"…

Finally, a massive explosion, and Relyt was expelled from the tornado, slamming into a rock, and slumping to the ground. Tyler stepped out of the dying tornado, catching his stun bomb as it returned to him. Relyt lifted his head weakly as Tyler approached, forming a blade of energy at the end of his staff, preparing to finish Relyt off.

"Any last words?"

Relyt smirked. "My death… is only the beginning."

Tyler rolled his eyes. "See you in hell." He stabbed down.


Eirelav rushed across the battlefield, trying to locate Retsa. She finally found her leader, still holding her own against Aster, Tash, and Harriet.


The PCMSPS Agent turned. "Yes?"

"It's ready."

Retsa raised an eyebrow. "Is it? Well then, you know what to do."

Eirelav nodded. As Tash rocketed forwards, Eirelav suddenly appeared in front of her, blocking her from Retsa. Tash tried to swerve around her, but it was too late. Nepthys cut Eirelav cleanly in two. As both halves dissolved, Tash continued toward towards Retsa, but the blow was lessened, and the PCMSPS leader was sent flying. She landed in a heap, a cut on her stomach bleeding freely, pulling out a small remote. Before anyone could do anything, she punched a button, and spoke into a small voice-analyzer-thingy.

"Operation Final Perfection… Go."


All around the battlefield, Society Agents found the Ubers they had been fighting dissolving into nothing.

Meanwhile, up on the ship….


Syrhc and Sirahc were working on a small device when the announcement blared out of a speaker. They both paled before running for a door. Neither made it. Turrets appeared from the wall, opening fire on them and reducing them to dust.

All through the ship, the same was happening to each and every Uber and PCMSPS Agent or techie.


As the entire ACMSES watched, Retsa began to laugh. It began as a low chuckle, but quickly became an insane cackle, that drilled into the Agent's heads. Tash stepped forward.

"What are you laughing about? You've lost!"

Retsa lifted her head to look at Tash, an evil, horrible grin stretching across her face.

"Oh, Society… you have no idea."

"What do you mean, we have no idea?" Tash demanded, stepping forward.

Retsa frowned. "Exactly what I said; you have no idea."

"A little more specific perhaps?" Harriet this time, stepping forward and waving her cricket bat menacingly.

"Hmm…" Retsa smiled. "How's this; As soon as I die, my life-force will be converted into it's original state of Suergy, which will be drawn into that ship up there, or as you wished me to be more specific, into a large container inside the ship. After the ship itself is absorbed, the container will become a powerful bomb. When said bomb goes off, it will instantly purify every fandom and sub-fandom universe in existence, by which I mean completely erase all life within such in a horrifically detailed manner."

Michael blinked.

"Okay… that's a little too specific."


Everyone turned. At the back of the Society, Tyler was raising a hand. He had actually been doing so since the second after the Ubers had vanished, but nobody had noticed him, as they had been facing Retsa, who couldn't see him from her current position of slumped against a convenient rock.

Retsa raised an eyebrow. "Yes?"

"Seeing as we've been dealing with you guys for 10 of my author's fics, and additional fics from other authors over time, can you shut up about your evil plan for a moment and explain about how you came into existence, seeing as you're the last surviving PCMSPS member, and as such, when you die, the knowledge is going to be completely lost, and everyone will have to wonder what the hell caused you guys, along with how this fic relates to anything previous?"

Total silence. Retsa smiled.

"You want to know how I came to exist… and that other stuff? Very well then…."


"Heh…" A soft chuckle from Saito drew everyone's attention to the man, where he was leaning against a wall. "You're all worrying unnecessarily. If your claims to be the Librarian's friends is true, then you know exactly what his reaction will be…" He slipped a cigarette into his mouth and struck a match before lighting it.


"The secondhand smoke drifted through the Library for a while, and began absorbing trace amounts of Suergy from the environment. Eventually, it gained limited sentience, and escaped into the Twilight fandom. When Willowe was imprisoned there, the massive amounts of Suergy released by her Prohibition combined with the natural Suergy of Twilight and the secondhand Sue smoke that happened to be nearby."

"This sounds oddly familiar…" Ben mumbled.

"Anyway... the force of the explosion formed me. However, there was still a great deal of spare Suergy condensed into a single form. As a negative copy of Aster, I was intelligent enough to build my own Plothole Generator… and spaceship… out of tin cans.


"Quiet. I quickly escaped to this fandom, a story that, though planned, was never written, hence the rather uninteresting surroundings." Retsa gestured toward the infinite desert.

"After only a short while, some of the Suergy inside me escaped, forming Relyt and Ekard. Both, like myself, were perfect opposites to their Society counterparts."


"What now?"

"Why create the Ubers?"

"I'm getting to that! Anyway, as more and more Protection Society Agents were formed, we realized that, although we were many, you were… uh… more-many."

"That's not a word."

"Shut up! We decided that we needed a weapon, a way to end this war in our favor. By coincidence-,"

"Proving that my author fails at creating good Xanatos Gambits…"


"Never mind."

"STOP INTERRUPTING! This was at the same time that Faya began her plan to take over using the Ubers. When Shade killed Faya, we took our opportunity, convincing the Ubers to side with us. We quickly worked out how to create them faster, although it did come at the cost of some reduction in their fighting skills."

"You mean making them total cannon fodder," Drake interrupted.

"Whatever. Kidnapping Tyler was merely an attempt to test our newly created Ubers on the field of battle, along with a new gadget we called the Negatizer Magnet. After that, we began Operation Final Perfection. Several Agents were sent into fandoms, with the goal of finding Sues and bringing them in to absorb their essence. After we had finished, we allowed a massive Suergy signature to escape through the ship's dampers, alerting you to our presence, and you came. And then…" Retsa gestured again, although this time less expansively.

Aster stepped forward. "So… what now?"

Retsa smiled and pointed upwards. As the Society raised their heads to stare into the skies, they beheld the PCMSPS ship. Only… it was different. Maybe it was that the edges were slowly pulling towards the center. Maybe it was the brilliant golden light shining from inside it. Or maybe it was the thunderous mechanical voice announcing, "FIVE MINUTES LEFT." After only a few seconds, the ship, like everything else, had dissolved into golden light, revealing a large football-shaped capsule, that, like everything else of the PCMSPS seemed to, glowed with a golden light. It descended to the ground, embedding itself in the sand. Retsa grinned.

"You heard the voice. Five minutes left."

Tash took another step toward the PCMSPS leader. "What makes you think you'll succeed? We're going to stop you!"

Retsa smiled, and then did something that nobody expected. She placed her staff against the ground, using it like a cane, and stood up.

"Wrong. I'm going to stop you." She raised her staff.

"Haven't you ever wondered about my counter to Aster's soul power is?"


"Not really."



"Well, I'm going to tell you. I have control over the powers of life and energy. I've only used them once before, to produce the Ubers. However, if I can give life… I can take it away as well. Now… I'm going to destroy you all." She twirled her staff, preparing to annihilate the Society…



Aster had advanced on Retsa, staff raised, pointing at the last PCMSPS Agent. "You aren't going to hurt anyone."

Retsa sneered. "And how you you propose to stop me?"

"Like this."

Before anyone could do anything, Retsa was lifted into the air. Around her feet, sand began to swirl. As the Society watched, the sand whirled up, hiding Retsa in a veil of grit and dirt. The miniature sandstorm spun faster and faster, and began to close in. Retsa's screams of agony were drowned out by the rushing wind and the noise of sand tearing through her skin, muscle and bones, shredding her to pieces. By this point, most of the Society had turned away, not wishing to watch Retsa be torn apart. Aster, however, remained completely focused on the execution. Several long seconds later, the sandstorm died down, and what bits of Retsa were left dissolved into the customary golden dust, and was absorbed into the capsule. Once again the voice spoke.


Tash raised Nepthys in the air. "What are we waiting for? We've got a multiverse to save."

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