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Insert Another Classic War Story Here (part 3 of 5)

"Charis, Charis, are you there?" exclaimed Tash on the microphone as she saw static strewn over the Society monitors. Emily was typing frantically, trying to find a signal, but to no avail. Then a call rang.

"Tash, a call from the Author," stated Emily, pressing the 'Enter' key. The Author appeared on the screen.

"Did you manage to get hold of my Agents?" asked Tash.

"I was going to ask you the same question," replied the Author. Tash had a confused look on her face.

"You too huh...?"

"What does this mean?" asked Tash with 'frantic' all over her face and worry in her voice. The Author gave a long, deep thought before answering.

"It must be a 'Fandom Nullifier', a jamming device in fandoms. I had one experimental version in one of my bases," explained the Author in a calm tone.

"I believe its function is to nullify the fandom's presence?" questioned Tash.

"Yes – A Sues' dream come true. It seals the fandom to the point where no outside intervention can enter while he or she can come out and get away with ruining the fandom..." explained the Author as the screens started to get fuzzy.

"Author, what is going on?" called out Tash as the screens start to fade. Tash looked into every monitor in the room; not a single one giving a clear feed.

Then static took over; the 'Lost Connection' message strewn across the screen. Tash's expression became something beyond terrified.

A blip resonated from her electronic inbox. Emily opened the 'No subject message' that was on the top of the email list. A video clip played.

"Tash! Whatever you do, get into the fandom and get your Agents outta there! My world is being attacked and I'm sealing it up! Attached are schematics to a Plothole Generator that will be able to overcome the device's barrier! Hurry – Time is of the essence!" yelled the Author's panicky voice before the short video ended with a faint 'We are under attack!' in the background. Tash instructed Emily to send the email to Jared immediately.


The Author looked up into the red skies over his world as the invasion sirens wailed across the city. Hundreds of enemy helicopters raced in the atmosphere, dropping enemy troops into their planned location of their invasion. Guards from the Author's palace ran out to the roads and commandeered several civilian vehicles. A soldier came to him and saluted.

"Sir, we have your convoy ready for evacuation!" said the Guard.

"Go save the civvies, soldier! Assist the police in any way they can..." They were interrupted by a guy dropping from the sky and landing in front of the Author. The black trench coat figure stood up from his crouching position and stared at the Author.

"Go! That is an order!" yelled the Author at the soldier. The Guard nodded and ran into the waiting vehicles. The vehicle convoy started leaving the scene.

"Aw, come on! Where's the fun if you don't use them!" exclaimed Aryan with a grin on his face as he charged up a ball of energy and hurled it at the convoy. The Author did a quick draw; pulled a pistol from his holster on his thigh, twirled it around his finger and fired at the energy blast while looking at his foe. The energy ball dissipated; the Author then moved his hand and pointed his weapon at Aryan. Aryan sighed.

"You always have to spoil my fun, don't you?" said Aryan before drawing out his sword from thin air.

"Not while you're alive I will," remarked the Author, pulling out another pistol from his holster and aimed at the rogue author. The rogue author laughed.

"Gone soft, eh? The last time I fought you, you had to use a bazooka and a battalion of troops," remarked Aryan swishing his sword, producing blue energy waves.

"I can't stay a loser forever, you know," replied the Author, firing a barrage of bullets at the waves and at the rogue Author.


Doug was sitting at Maddie's bedside in the medic ward aboard an aircraft carrier. Valerie was there, using her empathy to help with her healing, together with a few nurses and blood packs. Doug was holding her hand, hoping she would wake up after fainting when they were pulled out from that hell hole.

Terry knocked on the door before opening the door. Doug and Valerie looked at the general direction.

"Doug, we need you up the island," said Terry, referring to the control tower atop the carrier. Doug nodded and got up from his chair. He laid Maddie's hand down and nodded at Valerie before walking to the door to follow Terry.


"We've lost all contact with our Author. The best we could do now is hold on until he punches a plothole into the fandom," explained Ivan to the Wanderers and the Society Agents.

"What do you mean punch a plothole? None of our generation devices are working," said Ossa, feeling uneasy among the Author's characters.

"Whatever's sealing us in is a device. It has its limits, so a large-scale generator would work," replied Ivan when Terry and Doug came in.

"They're not going to open it," said Doug at the crowd. The Wanderers and Agents turned to him surprise.

"What do you mean?" asked Rina.

"Aryan's invading our world as we speak. Hoping to wipe the Author out, and us with him," replied her twin brother. The Wanderers looked shock; disbelief would be a better word to describe their present emotions.

"So we're all stuck here for eternity?" questioned Jess; her thoughts on not returning home was about to engulf her.

"With any luck, our Author would've sent schematics to construct one to the Society before he seals the homeworld." The Agents looked unsure on how to react to the statement.

"However, we must do our part so that we don't have to wait for help." Doug stated as he looked at the map of Russia. He pointed at a location near where he was rescued.

"14 miles South-South-East of Petropavlovsk, Russia." Terry made a side comment to Doug's action.

"Are you sure?" asked Rina.

"Aryan's men have big mouths. The jamming device is at the sub base on 'Contingency'." Doug was very sure on what he said.

"Good, we're going in for a drop then," stated Ivan before nodding for Rina and Lydia to go.

"What is a 'drop'?" asked Tom.


Ingrid was dazed from the rough landing she had. The turbulence caused her parachute to change direction and she went into the trees. She bumped into some thick branches and broke some smaller ones before landing at a clearing not far from the main road. She could hear her radio crackle with a feminine voice at the other end of the line.

"Doug, did you see Ingrid's parachute? There's too much interference from the jamming device," spoke Charis on the radio.

"Yeah, I've found her. We're going Northwest to the sub base," replied Doug as he neared Ingrid. Ingrid took off her parachute and pulled out her M14 EBR sniper rifle with a silencer. Doug was sporting a Steyr AUG assault rifle with a Holographic scope and silencer, since sniping was not his forte. He also wore clear orange shades as his eyes could not stand the sunlight reflecting from the snow.

"The rest landed near your twin, pretty far to the east," said Charis.

"Tell her to proceed with the mission. We'll regroup if possible," replied Doug. Then he whispered to Ingrid.

"Follow me, and stay out of sight." Ingrid nodded at her mentor's notion. She followed him to the main road where they hid behind some bushes. Several soldiers were patrolling along the said road. Ingrid looked through her scope and trained the gun at the group.

"Contact. Enemy patrol. Five men, automatic rifles, frag grenades. One German Shepherd," reported Ingrid.

"Dogs... I hate dogs," commented Doug. They waited as a convoy of jeeps went past them. When the convoy passed, the patrol split up, leaving two guards at a bend while the other three and the dog went up and stopped at a bridge.

"Two of them stopped for a smoke. Take one and I'll take the other," said Doug. Ingrid trained her rifle at one of the smokers and gently pulled the trigger. The bullet whizzed to the said targets head, boring a hole through his skull. Doug did the same to the other guard. The two continued on and crouched behind the guard rail with the other three within their sights. The dog turned around and looked at their direction. The two held their breath as the dog trained its eye at their location; they sighed as the dog turned away.

"We'll take them out at the same time. Take the handler and his dog and I'll take out the rest," said Doug. Ingrid fired her weapon at the handler and he dropped dead. The dog looked confused as his master lay beside him in a pool of blood. Ingrid fired another shot at the dog, ending its misery. Doug hit the other two before standing up.

"Beautiful," remarked Doug before moving from the position. Ingrid got up and followed him to the icy bridge. Several helicopters zoomed over their heads, carrying equipment.

"We need to hurry up. They are en route to the homeworld," commented Doug as they both crossed the bridge and up the hill. Doug suddenly crouched and signalled to stop. Ingrid stopped and crouched as well. The rumblings were felt from the ground and engine noises became louder. Doug quickly stood up and began to run.

"Incoming!" yelled Doug as he ran towards the snow-covered pine forest. A BTR mechanized infantry vehicle went over the hill and stopped. It skidded on the icy road, firing its 30mm autocannon at the retreating Wanderers/Agents. Adrenaline rushed into the blood stream as bullets whizzed past their heads, hitting the tree trunks, causing some to collapse. Once they were way ahead of the vehicle, Doug turned around, crouched and aimed his rifle at the direction of the main road.

"Slow down. Their vehicles can't follow us this far," said Doug, panting, before turning back into the forest. Ingrid stopped and took a breather before she lifted her rifle up and aimed into the forest. She then followed Doug to a bush where they hid as a patrol with flash lights walk by.

"Let them pass. Looks like they're searching for us," whispered Doug. When the patrol was way behind them, they got out of the bush and walked forward and reached a pipeline. A patrol with a dog was up ahead.

"Dog patrol," reported Ingrid. Doug nodded and turned left. There, they spotted a a three-man patrol.

"Three-man patrol. Dead ahead. Take them out or leave them be. Your call," said Doug. Ingrid aimed at the patrol, but decided not to fire. The patrol then walked away from their sights. Doug got up and followed the pipeline and stopped before another patrol. Two were standing at a ridge while a handler and his dog were within line of sight of the first group. Ingrid hid behind a bush while Doug hid behind a pillar of the pipeline.

"We'll have to take them out at the same time. You take the two in front of you," said Doug. Ingrid fired two shots and killed the guards in front of her. Doug fired rounds at the dog and the handler.

"All clear," stated Doug before proceeding to the ridge and going prone. Ingrid ran up and went down next to Doug. A large patrol of six guards and three dogs went by.

"Your call," said Doug. Ingrid lined up her rifle to the dog handler at the back and fired. The guard went down, and the dog became confused. Doug took care of the dogs, and one by one, they took out the guards from the back. All that lay on the snowy ground were bodies and red ice. The two went down the ridge and went up the hilly forest. They reached another ridge, overlooking a small, abandoned village.

"This ridge is perfect – Charis, what's the status of our drones?" asked Doug on the radio.

"The Predator drone is en route to your position," replied Charis. Doug looked to Ingrid and spoke.

"Use the Predator drone and take out the anti-air defence hidden behind that house," said Doug. Ingrid took out a laptop from her back and opened it. The camera on the missile turned on, and she then pressed the arrow keys to guide the missile to the said location. The location went off with a big boom, displacing snow and ice all around the area. But the anti-air launched its surface-to-air missile to the drone before the Predator missile destroyed it. The drone blew up and its pieces fell off to the ground.

"Damn! Charis, get us another Predator. The SAM site just shot it down," said Doug on the radio before getting up.

"Ingrid, let's go. They know we're here. Switch to your assault rifle," said Doug as he unscrewed his silencer off his nozzle and kept it. He then slid down the hill to the village below. Ingrid switched to her ACR assault rifle and followed Doug down as well. They hid behind a house when someone yelled at them.

"Check your fire! Check your fire! Friendlies at your twelve!" yelled Ivan in his coarse accent as he came out of the forest and slid down the slope. Rina and the Society Agents appeared out of the forest and jumped down, joining up with Doug and Ingrid. They hid behind the house opposite them. Gunfire rang as more mooks appeared at the scene.

"Charis, I've regrouped with the rest of the team," reported Doug.

"I read you. A second Predator is almost in position," Came the reply when suddenly an energy ball zoomed past and hit the slope causing snow to rain on the team. Doug looked up and saw a woman with long silver hair and a one-piece that didn't fit with the frigid weather. She was sporting two katana blades.

"Sue up front!" warned Doug to the team opposite them. Ivan tried to peek out when bullets ricocheted on the walls, causing him to duck back.

"Dang! The guards are pinning us down!" yelled Ivan across the opening.

"Get whoever you can to snipe the guards! Ossa! Jess! Distract her from the front! Kyle! Tom! Get here and we'll hit them from the flank!"yelled Doug. Ivan went up the roof and pulled Rhia up as well. Terry followed soon after as they sniped the guards from behind the roof's apex. Ossa and Jess deployed their ray shields and went in front of the Sue, bullets ricocheting off. The Sue raced and attacked them with her swords, but Jess and Ossa held on, mostly pushing the blade away with the shields. Rina fired blindly at the guards while Kyle and Tom ran across the clearing to Doug and Ingrid. The group then went around the far left of the village, taking cover behind wreckage as they see fit.

Rina and Lydia trained their TAR-21 assault rifles at the Sue and fired at her, putting her at a defensive. However, the Sue made it easy by deflecting off the bullets with her swords with ease while bashing Ossa and Jess at the same time. Doug's team reached the far side of the village, in proximity of the trench where the guards were hiding. Doug pulled out a few Semtex grenades and threw it into the trench, causing the guards to retreat. Some of the grenades stuck to some of the guards; they blew up together with the rest of the group. The gunfire toned down as Ivan, Terry and Rhia took out any stragglers.

This allowed Ben to come out of hiding and sent energy blasts at the Sue, displacing some snow in its path The Sue was dazed; Ossa and Jess took the opportunity to strike quickly. Ossa drew out her katana and slashed the Sue, but the Sue blocked the sword. Jess rushed and landed a kick into her chest; the Sue was thrown back. The Sue flipped backwards and landed on her feet perfectly; she rushed into the two girls with her blades. Ben came forward and sent another volley of energy blasts at her. The Sue sidestepped and rushed towards Ben. Ben shielded himself with Bahamut, just in time as the Sue rammed into him, causing him to be thrown back and broke his guitar. The Sue wanted to go ahead with another strike when Rina stepped in and did an upward slash with her knife. The Sue stepped back, and was suddenly strangled by an unseen force.

The Sue reacted by slamming herself into the ground. Karissa reappeared from her invisibility and she wheezed; all the air was pushed out of her lungs. The Sue screamed as she prepared to jab the downed Karissa when Tom rammed into her with his entire bodyweight. Tom quickly rolled out and drew out his sword when the Sue swung a kick to his head. He was knocked out instantly; Ossa knocked the Sue's head with the butt of her katana. The Sue was floored; Ossa took out her Prohibitor.

But the Sue gave no chances; with the force of her feet, she pushed Ossa away from her. Ossa was thrown up, only to be caught by Kyle.

"You all right?" asked Kyle with concern.

"Yeah... I'm okay," replied Ossa between pants. She could see Tom was being pulled away by Ivan, as with Karissa by Jess. Doug and Terry were duking it out with the Sue; one with his sword, another with alchemy. Ice sculptures formed around the Sue and headed towards her general direction. The Sue used an energy ball and disintegrated all the ice sculptures. Doug lunged at her with his sword. The Sue dodged and landed a punch on his face. Disorientated, Doug was kicked in the gut and was thrown to the slope. Then, a grappling hook came and wrapped around her neck; 10000 volts of pure electricity raced into the Sue's nervous system as Ingrid held onto the Grappling Prohibitor.

When the Sue fell to the ground, Ingrid powered the winch and the Sue was dragged towards her. The Sue struggled, and Ingrid placed another Prohibitor around the Sue's wrist as she disengaged the Grappling Prohibitor. The Agents ran towards her and got the weakened Sue up, apprehending her. Normally they would open a plothole directly to the Library's basement, but since they're stuck in the fandom, some have to stay back and watch over her.

"The sub base is over the trench line. Some of us will have to stay back and guards the Sue..." said Doug as he turned his attention to an unconscious Tom and an injured Karissa. "...and taking care of the casualties." He wiped the blood from his nose he received from the Sue's earlier punches.

"Lydia and I will take them to the extraction point. You and the others should go on, just in case more Sues are in the way," said Rina, tapping Lydia's shoulder as she heads to the injured and the Sue.

"Let's not get their efforts wasted. Follow me," said Doug, bringing up his rifle and leading the team to the edge of the sub base. The rest followed, since Doug knows the fandom more than any of them. He stopped at a ridge and signalled the rest to line up on the ridge.

"The building near the sub with a radio tower is the control centre. Ivan, Terry, Rhia - get into sniping position on this ridge. The rest – we'll get into the base once the defenses are softened up. Ingrid, call in the Predator." said Doug in rapid succession. The Agents have no choice but to follow; as long as they're stuck in that fandom, they're going to have to rely on the expert. Ingrid pulled out the laptop and guided the Predator missile to a group of soldiers at the gates of the base.


"We're moving!"

Chaos ensued in the base as a helicopter took off from its helipad and soldiers came pouring out from the many buildings of the base. The Agents deployed their ray shields as bullets from the helicopter and the guards came battering on them. Ivan, Terry and Rhia fired shots from their sniper rifles, covering the assault team. Ingrid found herself near a weapons cache; she pulled out a Stinger missile launcher and aimed at the helicopter. After the definitive rings of a missile lock-on, she fired the missile, and it began following the helicopter. The helicopter swerved to dodge the missile, but the missile came in for a second pass and hit its tail rotor. The helicopter spun out of control as troop numbers at the gate began to dwindle. Ossa and Jess spearheaded the assault, going to the nearest mooks and bashing them with their shields.

"We're displacing. You'll be without sniper support for 30 seconds," reported Terry.

"Copy that," replied Doug as he pushed into the base. Kyle followed after, then Ingrid as the two women were having a field day with their shields and blades.

"Strike with the fury of a wounded god... Bahamut!" Ben entered the base in style; he strummed Bahamut, blasting some explosive barrels, adding some orange flames into the mix. Just as Ossa and Jess were outnumbered, the snipers took out the guards so they could retreat. As they all grouped up near some crates, Doug yelled out.

"Follow me and don't stray off!" Doug entered the warehouse in front of him, shooting the guards that were waiting for them. Terry and Ivan were right behind him straight away checking the building for any more hostiles.

"Area clear!" reported Ivan.

"C'mon guys! We're Oscar Mike!" said Doug.

"What?" asked the confused Ossa.

"On the move, it means," replied Doug as he exited the building through another doorway. The group hid behind some crates as more guards came pouring out of the building surrounding them. Ingrid pulled out her laptop and guided another missile at the guards, clearing them out. They moved on to the port authority building, where a BTR appeared from behind the building. The 30mm autocannon laid suppressive fire at the group, causing them to hide behind the pillars and walls.

"Ben! Hit it with Bahamut! The AGM is still arming! We'll cover you!" yelled Ingrid across to the pillar Ben was hiding. The bullets hit the pillar, chipping off concrete and causing him to duck. Doug, Terry and Ivan came out with ray shields deployed, drawing fire from the BTR. Ben immediately turned and aimed Bahamut at the imposing war machine, sending a blast wave at it. The BTR flipped and turned belly up. Some of the guards near the BTR were covering their ears, hurting from Ben's sound blast. The three retracted their shields and fired at the downed guards, silencing them. The group then advanced forward, reaching a building with a high vantage point. More soldiers appeared to attack the group from the flank.

"I'm going for the building! Ingrid, follow me!" yelled Doug as he ran past the building.

"Kyle! Catch!" Ingrid passed the laptop to Kyle and followed Doug into the target location.

"Everybody up the building! We need to cover their entry! Go! Go!" yelled Terry as he fired a few rounds at the approaching soldiers. Rhia got to the roof of the building, firing off a few sniper rounds. Kyle followed soon after, firing a burst of rounds at a group of soldiers. Once Ossa, Jess and Ben got up, Ivan and Terry got up as well and into sniping position.

Doug and Ingrid reached the door and planted a frame charge on said door. They lay along the wall as the fuse went off.


The door was in many flying pieces of metal as Doug and Ingrid entered, firing at soldiers who were pointing their guns at the doorway. They were dispatched immediately, with one surviving with wounds on his legs. They looked around; the supercomputers were processing distortion signals to jam small-scale plothole generators.

"Ingrid, go plant charges on the computers," instructed Doug as he headed to the incapacitated soldier, who was crawling away. He turned him around and pointed a pistol at his head.

"Which base is Aryan using?" Doug interrogated, but the soldier remained silent. Doug put a bullet through his left thigh. The soldier cried in pain as Doug slammed him on the concrete ground and pulled him up again.

"Where is he?" yelled Doug with the gun pointed at the soldier's shoulder blade.

"I'll never tell you!" replied the persistent soldier. Doug sent a punch to his nose, breaking it. The soldier was bleeding through it, and Doug put another bullet through his elbow.

"SITE HOTEL BRAVO!" wailed the soldier; the pain too unbearable. Doug relieved him from his suffering by a bullet through the head. As the pools of blood from each body joined together, Doug stood up and turned to Ingrid.

"Are the charges in place?" asked Doug.

"Yes, Doug," replied Ingrid.



"Doug! Ingrid! Are you there? We need to evacuate now!" yelled Terry on his radio as a portal opened in the base, pouring out trucks and tanks. The gunfire was now becoming too much for them to handle. Suddenly, the building blew up as Ben strummed Bahamut, flipping a few trucks and incapacitating hundreds of soldiers. Death Metal Bahamut then reverted to its original state, drained out all of its energy.

"What the fu-!" The Wanderers and Agents looked at the burning building, seeing no sign of Doug or Ingrid exiting the building. Plotholes opened behind them, one with Guards pouring out while another with Tash and Harriet.

"Guys! We have to go – NOW!" yelled Harriet as she dragged one of the Agents into the plothole.

"Wait! What about D..." Rhia was interrupted by Ivan.

"We'll take care of that! Your safety first!" One of the Guards fired an AT4 rocket launcher at an approaching tank, blowing it up. The Society Agents were ushered into the plothole, then closing up. The Wanderers and the Guards retreated into the plothole as a tank shell blasted the building.


Aryan appeared from the smoke, wielding a recoilless rifle (more commonly known as a bazooka) and fired at the Author. The bazooka shell made impact, but the Author remained unscathed as the smoke cleared out, revealing a ray shield. The Author retracted it and pulled out a railgun, firing the weapon at Aryan. Aryan dodged as the beam flew past him, and he threw in a few smoke grenades at the Author. The Author jumped out of the smoke, not to be blinded by the smoke, but was unaware that it was a diversion. Aryan appeared above him, sending a kick right into the Author's chest. The Author was pinned down as Aryan raised his sword up, ready to strike the Author.

"Where's your Wanderers and your friends now?" spoke Aryan in a sinister voice, although distorted by the panting. He was ready the strike him down when he jumped away. The gunshot rang, missing the Author's legs. The Author stood up and smirked.

"Ha, speak of the devil," remarked the Author as plotholes opened around the city, pouring large behemoth tanks and artillery, taking out the PCMSPS army. The Author looked up to one of the broken down towers; on one of the windows was a person that looked like Terry, but had black hair with a few whites sticking out. The Barrett .50 cal sniper rifle rested on the window ledge as it repositioned to acquire Aryan.

Aryan jumped off as another shot rang and hit the ground he was standing on. He took a good look at the forces he built up destroyed but not the Author's own forces, but by another. He gritted his teeth and trained his eyes on the Author when another character appeared, trying to slash him down. This character looked like Ivan, but had light brown hair and hazel eyes. The character dropped the blade and immediately wielded an Intervention sniper rifle and aimed at Aryan. Aryan immediately opened a plothole and retreated. He had not anticipated this. He had lost the war.

The Ivan character walked towards the Author while the Terry character teleported to him when his flying dagger was near the Author. The Author smiled as he met with his two friends; his comrade in arms.

"ZetX, shouxen," greeted the Author.

"noob_killer," replied ZetX the Terry-like character, fist-bumping each other. That was when they were interrupted by Vespin.

"Author, we have lost contact with Doug and Ingrid, but their vitals are still on. We haven't been able to trace their present location. However, we have located the PCMSPS reserves and stockpiles in the fandom," reported Vespin.

"Good. Divert our forces to those locations," replied the Author.

"How about Doug and Ingrid?" asked Vespin. The Author coughed out a laugh.

"I know where they are. It's pretty obvious. Give them three hours," replied the Author. Vespin nodded and left the three friends together.

"Say, how about we get 'Gaz' in to pilot for us?" said the Author.

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