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Insert Nacht der Untoten Here (part 2 of 3)

"Mr. Churchill you are drunk!" ~Lady Astor
"Yes, and you, Madam, are ugly. But tomorrow, I shall be sober." ~Winston Churchill


"My master, it is working!" Said the frail old scientist.

"Then my presence here is no longer required..." Said the shadowy figure, stepping out of the shadows.

"Instruct the engineers to begin fueling the Monster!"


"We've secured an army truck!" Chloe shouted, driving up to the collection of agents.

"Actually, it's just Chevila spray painted American army green with some canvas erected over the bed. But it's the best we could do on such short notice..." Ben said, kicking down the tailgate.

Agents began climbing up into the bed, with Tash opting for the passenger seat in the cab.

"Well, it's not exactly period specific. But Chevrolet did produce over 500,000 vehicles for use in both theaters of war. So as long as we keep moving and they only see the badge we should still go unnoticed." Chloe said.

"Couldn't you just cannonize."

"Jared hasn't fully repaired the cannonizer yet, during his last test only half of the truck managed to change form. Besides, with the Sue Storm device active, the fandom is far too weak to effect a change on the truck."

"Fair enough..." Tash said as she grabbed Chloe's Thompson and mowed down a zombie through the open window. "But where did the green paint come from?"

"Let's just say the the next batch of LPMC officers will be out of uniform for awhile.

"They did it!" Michael said, wiping his brow as he reloaded his SVT rifle. "The LPMC mortar bombardment is creating a zombie free radius around the Reichstag."

"That'll give us some time to rest, but eventually they'll run out of ammunition..." Jared said, struggling to catch his breath.

"How are we on ammo Nixie?" Drake asked.

The ex-hologram scowled as she threw down an old gym bag. Micheal tore it open.

"Drake, some of the zombies we've killed have had ammo for your weapon somewhere on their person. So we've managed to salvage 7 clips for you." Michael said, dumping a pile in front of Drake.

"I've managed to salvage several clips from our dead and wounded allies to last me quite awhile, how about you Phoenixia?"

"I've still got several shells left, and I've picked up an abandoned Mosin-Nagant and a sniper scope awhile back so I should be good."

"Jared, I'm afraid I've got some bad news. Your gun is simply too thirsty. Most of the drums I've come across have been empty." Micheal said grimly, handing Jared a measly two drums.

"I'll see if I can't find a German gun around here, or if I'm lucky a couple more drums. I really am starting to get the feel for this gun." Jared said, fondly raising the PPSH.

BOOM! An explosion shattered the silence as a building down the battered street crumpled to the street.

"Good lord, what the crap was that!" Michael yelled.

"That sounded like somebody just ran a car through a blender on the world's biggest sound system, my ears are still ringing!" Drake yelled.

"We need to get off of the roof!" Jared said, "something tells me that there's more where that came from!" Jared said, as if to emphasize the point a the next building blew apart with a thunderous boom, bricks rained down on the roof as the Russian army began charging back into the Reichstag.

"Move! MOVE my comrades! Into the street!" A frantic Reznov shouted.

The army had just reached the parliament floor as a huge section of the wall burst inward, bricks pounded the army as a large potion of the ceiling gave way.

"This way!" Jared shouted, "Tremor!"

Wood and foundation stones blew apart as Jared threw his earth force into the floor boards, exposing an flooded train tunnel.

"Hope everyone's good at holding their breath!" Micheal said as everybody dove in.

Seconds latter with another mighty boom the Reichstag building crumpled to the ground with a deafening crash.

"Halt, where are you going! Deserters will be shot!" Shouted an marine as the agents crashed through the barriers in the courtyard.

"Librarian Art 6: Shield of Silence!" Adrian shouted, erecting a barrier that shielded the hail of American gun fire erupting in their wake.

"Oof!" Rhia shouted, bouncing into the air as one of the rear tires struck a massive pot hole in the road.

"This suspension was really not designed to take this sort of thing..." Chloe added as she fought to keep the speeding truck under control.

Tash attempted to take out a passing zombie but the truck lurched violently as she pulled the trigger and she wound up destroying the rear-view mirror instead.

"If anybody asks, a zombie did that..." she said as she put the gun's safety back on.

"American artillery does not a good road make, hang on!" Chloe said as a massive bump nearly flipped the truck. "I better slow down, it might take us longer but I should remind you that during the 80's most cars didn't come equipped with airbags..."

The four agents swam as fast as they could as large chunks of broken foundation began to slowly sink around them. The agents all broke out their waterproof flashlights.

"I hate swimming..." Jared thought to himself as he edged to avoid a stone.

"I like it in this tunnel, it's dark and moist... a pity about the lack of oxygen and everything. I suggest you swim faster..." The Darkness mentally communicated as Michael kept swimming.

"If you don't anything helpful to say I suggest you don't say anything at all..." The Michael replied.

"Whatever you say, I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts..."

"There!" Drake mouthed as he pointed his flashlight towards a crack in the wall.

Michael swam forward and attached a satchel charge to the crack. Then, after quickly swimming to a safe distance he detonated it.

WOOSH, the water began surging through the aperture, depositing the agents in an adjacent tunnel full of multiple glowing eyes.

"Zombies!" Jared shouted, pulling the trigger on his SMG, he was only answered with a dull click.

"The water's taken out our guns, but no matter!" Michael said as the Darkness' tendrils extended and began tearing apart any zombie that got too close.

"What was that thing..." Drake asked as the last of the zombies were exterminated as they began climbing the stairs onto the streets of Berlin.

Drake was cut off by the sound of German loudspeakers through the city crackling to life.

"Society agents, leave now or be destroyed! You cannot win against my power!" The voice shouted.

"Well, it looks like we've been found out!" Michael said.

"It was bound to happen..." Jared said, reaching into his pack and pulling out his Boomhammer.

"How'd you fit that in there?" Drake asked before giving his signature shout of 'Wardrobe change!'

"The handle telescopes into itself, so I can conceal it more easily then my old one." Jared said.

"Why is the ground shaking?" Phoenixia asked.

Jared's communicator suddenly flared to life.

"Admiral this is Idea! Our airborne surveillance indicates a massive bogey heading your way from the east. I suggest you run!"

"How fast is the target moving?" Jared asked.

"Slow, roughly 9.5 MPH."

"What is it."

"Nothing I've ever seen before... Thermal imaging doesn't turn up a match on any known designs. Although heat signature and carbon readings are consistent with German U boats. But those things weren't ever designed to be amphibious."

The ground shaking increased and the agents grew aware of a mechanical rumbling.

"We need to go!" Michael said, and the agents took off at a run.

"You were warned!" Boomed the voice on the loud speaker. "Now suffer!"

The warning was punctuated by a resounding boom and shortly after a German bakery exploded.

Drake turned to look at the source but could see nothing through a cloud of dust thrown up by a massive vehicle. Black diesel smoke rose into the air from behind the massive object.

The agents broke into an all out dash as Jared picked up his radio.

"General Idea the boogy has opened fire, I have no clear visual. Can you provide artillery support?"

"Negative! Artillery depleted."

"Crap!" Was all Jared could say as a butcher shop was reduced to a crater following a massive discharge from the cloud. The agents were blown off their feet from the force of the explosion.

"Holy crap!" Michael shouted. "That butcher shop was over 45 feet away and I still felt that! That gun is packing way to much power to be conventional armor!"

"Now what?" Rhia asked as they stared into the sea of Japan.

"The trucks too heavy to float and it's too far to swim. How can we possibly get to the island?" Ben asked.

"I have a plan..." Tash replied, picking up her communicator.

"Boomhammer!" Jared shouted, taking out a zombie that had wandered into the street with a sonic powered swing.

"This isn't working!" Drake panted, "We can't keep running like this! That thing will catch us or the zombies will!"

At that moment a building at the side of the road burst inward as a massive shell struck it, spreading rubble across the road and cutting off escape.

The object pursing them began to settle, revealing the largest tank Jared had ever seen rolling to a stop.

"Behold gentleman! The Landkreuzer P 1500 Monster, the largest tank ever designed!" Said the Stu standing on the top of the turret. He was wearing a tattered German uniform underneath of a bearskin loincloth. He flashed a smile with his perfectly white teeth as he raised his megaphone.

"It is 42 meters long, 18 meters with and 7 meters tall with a crew in excess of 100 and ways over 1500 tons. Not to mention the 800mm turret on the front. It seems you have come to this battle unprepared!" said the man, stroking his long wavy black hair.

"Is that..." said Drake.


(Note: This story is incomplete, and the remainder of this chapter and the next will serve as placeholders for its future completion. Regular updates will resume on 11/6/13.)

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