Saturday, March 5, 2011

Insert Absurdly Overpowered Devil Fruit Here (lost)

Author SumireMayonaka joined the Society with the character Sumire, wrote a handful of stories, and then vanished and deleted everything for reasons unknown.


"Willowe eats the Supaa Supaa no Mi from the One Piece fandom and absorbs the canon characters' Devil Fruit abilities. She manages to charm all of the other characters into liking her...except Luffy. New agent Sumire tracks down Willowe and enlists Luffy's help in capturing her. Sumire uses a weakened Prohibitor that only negates half Willowe's abilities, and Russell sneaks in when Sumire gets too caught up in her victory to free Willowe..."

Appologies for the inconvenience. Anoter chapter is on the way.


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