Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Look Into Madness

I have observed you for many years, since the beginning of time, to be precise.

In the shadows, I have watched.

In your mind, I have watched.

Through your eyes, I have watched.

And I must say…

I have not enjoyed what I have seen.

From the beginning of time, I have been amongst your kind. When the beasts known as the dinosaurs roamed the earth, I have been in the shadows, slinking around, biding my time, wishing to see how the evolution of this pathetic planet would take place.

And then the meteor came. And all life died.

But it was strange. From this came life. A being as myself had never seen anything even remotely like that. Quite a miracle, if I do say so myself. I watched as new beings grew. Referred to yet as humans. They were interesting beings. Fleshy skin, completely working vital organs, but sadly, they didn't have that much thinking ability.

I had finally found a host.

I had pulled myself into one of the many shambling, shuffling humans and was quite disappointed with what I found in his mind. Nothing. Quite possibly the most depressing thing I had experienced. Being in a body with no thought process yet to be discovered. I would wait it out, I'm quite patient.

I have watched them create the wheel, and I have watched them create fire. Slowly, evolution began again. And I saw what would be the ultimate downfall of man.


Crude albeit at first, I saw them create dull, pointy sticks and use rocks to bludgeon their prey to not only protect themselves, but feed them.

And I knew upon looking at it, this would be one of the many downfalls mankind would soon deal with.

I refused to make myself known. Seeing a demon as myself to a being who just created a stick as a weapon would be exceptionally mind blowing. So I watched, and I waited.

And I waited.

And I waited.

There's a reason I'm quite patient, after all.

Evolution and progress took its course soon afterwards. I saw huts being made, and the humans taught themselves speech. Quite a remarkable feat, but still, it was in the creation process. I watched them have conversations with the worst grammar I had experienced. Sometimes I wondered how these things would survive as long as they did.

Progress took place.

The humans would evolve slowly, and they would stand straight up, and attempt at grooming and washing themselves. Thank god. It was getting horrible in here.

Evolution took place.

Hundreds and hundreds of years would pass, and humanity did grow quite impressively. However, as I went with my hosts kin, I would be transferred to their body, and kill my previous host. I must say, I wasn't above killing them, in fact, it was kind of a way to relive myself.

I was finding myself being bounced from host to host to host, eventually getting the start of things.

But then…

It happened.

The thoughts.

My lord, the THOUGHTS. I remember it so clearly.

My current host had wished for the heart of another female, but she was smitten with his brother. Humanity never truly had a soft spot in my heart, but I saw, through his eyes, he killed his brother in cold blood.

It was then for the first time in my life I had been stunned. I had seen humans kill others for protection or even in self defense. But to see a human kill his own brother, for the heart of another female…his own brother…

It would slowly get worse.

Slowly his sanity began to slip. He would begin killing others for the sheer sake of killing. All I did was watch through his eyes as his victims would scream for mercy before he struck them down…

I was passed through to his kin, and he died shortly after.

The thoughts didn't stop there. I felt it all.






Wanting power.

All of it from humanity.

The crimes would grow worse as time would go on. I watched every second of it. I watched the life flicker from their eyes. I would watch the last droplet of blood fall. I would watch life after life after life end.

This was the current ruler of the planet they had called Earth.

These murderous, sick, bastard creatures. They killed for power. They killed for evolution.

They killed for the love of the fact they killed.

Something snapped.

I couldn't take it anymore. Finally during one final battle in the midst of the war itself.

I lost it.

In the midst of the battle, I made my presence known.

I took my hosts body over as my own, and I slaughtered the lot of them. I didn't care if they were on the same side as me, the opposing side of me, or even if they were innocent bystanders.

I no longer cared.

My blades were caked in blood and gore, ripping apart a screaming individual before letting out my loud, echoing cackle. I allowed my host to take his body back.

He looked at the horror 'he' had committed. He was stunned and horrified.

I believe he was saying something along the lines of monsters shouldn't live. He placed the gun to the mouth.

I gently grabbed the gun, and whispered my first words to my host I had ever stated.

"You reap what you sow, human."

My host went insane, claimed the voices in his head would kill again. Of course, that didn't stop me. I needed to continue my legacy. I forced him to mate. I needed to live on.

He was a father soon, and he died soon as I went to my new body.

I found myself in the Estacado family line, and I found a suitable host. He was calm, cool and collected, and he would soon find my influence was far too great for him.

I enjoy my host's pain as I bounced from body to body. I enjoyed making them suffer.

They deserve it.

All you humans deserve it.

I waited as I finally found myself in the being known as Jackie. He was fun. I forced him to watch the love of his life get her brains get blown out. I watched how he cried in anguish. I relished in his pain.
And then he killed himself.

I couldn't have that, now could I?

I discovered my powers had grown quite a bit, I found I can keep my hope alive and travel with him to hell. Oh yes, this was the true fun.

He found himself over powering me, which was shocking, but then he pulled an act I must say I found absolutely enjoyable.

He went to the man who raised him as a child.

And completely destroyed him and his entire household, men, and everything.

He blew his brains out.

And he was mine.

But it was after that that I found the fun truly beginning.

I was taken into a foreign body, the one known as Michael.

He was an interesting specimen, if not a bit maniacal, using me to slaughter a smaller group of gang members into bits. I got my fill that battle.

But I hadn't broken my new body in, so I took him over, and forced him to attack his fellow team mates. It was fun watching his humanity scream for mercy as his friends were attacked.

I lost control again and was driven into his mind, stuck in for the long haul.

Over time, I grew to know the young human and his fellow companions. Some of which were amongst the oddest I had seen. Being around for several millennia, that's saying quite a bit. I watched them through his eyes, watching their every move, watching how they acted, watching how they lived.

His mate was the brown haired British female, whom he truly seemed to care for. His sisters were the other British female, and the younger female with the hair I was certain was a demon.

The white haired, half cat… thing is quite an interesting being. He's quite a good fighter. When Michael used me against him in the fight, he actually had the gall to save my life.

I suppose when the time comes, I should return the favor.

I must say, this time here has been out of the ordinary. I watched how these people risked their lives for people who wouldn't even remember their name.

Humanity was still doomed; these people would just suffer less.

I felt everything my own host felt when he was tortured by the being known as Alastor, fear, pain, everything.

Quite delicious.

However, I wouldn't let it linger.

If anyone was going to hurt my host, it would be me. Not some human copy cat who claims he can destroy my host.

These people have proven that despite how dark humanity may seem, there is still the shining light. The humans known as the Anti-Cliché and Mary Sue Elimination Society.




I must admit. It's quite admirable.

I have observed you for many years, since the beginning of time, to be precise.

In the shadows, I have watched.

In your mind, I have watched.

Through your eyes, I have watched.

And I must say…

I have not enjoyed what I have seen.

Until then, humanity, I'll be waiting for your demise. And you have no one to blame but yourself.

Now if you'll excuse me…

My host seems to be content.

Oh, I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts…

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