Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Insert Poorly Recorded Hyrulean History Here (lost)

Our very first lost episode, I'm afraid. Written by DuelistBlake1988 (later known as Game Master Blake, later known as Warlord Sonic Snake, later known as GamerBlake90), Blake quit the Society due to some personal issues, and deleted all of his entries. Only a summary on our wikia remains, to be re-posted here:

"A mysterious person shows up in the Legend of Zelda fandom… who looks exactly like Link, only with white instead of green clothing. Link can’t understand what’s going on until new Society agent Blake shows up revealing that the new person is actually Russell, Willowe's boyfriend, and he’s using the Chaos Emerald from the Sonic fandom to warp reality! Blake chases Russell out and restores the fandom but fails to capture the Stu… and also plays a little prank on the fandom just for kicks."

This was the first of a planned trilogy of stories, only two of which made it to fanfiction.net. Our appologies for the inconvenience. An extra chapter will be posted today to make up for it.


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  1. As in Hyrule, where the Zelda games take place.

    I'd tell you to ask Blake about it, but he's no longer reachable. -shrug-