Friday, May 13, 2011

Insert Overkill Of Jutsu Here (lost)

The last story written by author SumireMayonaka before she deleted her Society stories for reasons unknown.


"Sumire, who is still a rookie, toys around with stuff in her room along with her own modified GPS unit when an alarm goes off. There's a Stu, Akira Kirabi in the Naruto fandom. The problem is that the Naruto fandom is Black-Listed... but Sumire doesn't listen and runs headfirst into her beloved fandom anyway. After fending off the Stu as well as a strangely vengeful Naruto, the other ninja catch the Stu as well as link up Sumire. Sumire escapes her jail, Prohibits the Stu, and runs off to the Society, but because of their anger against Sumire's rebellion, they confiscate her weapons (except the GPS unit, which she hides), and Sumire is locked in her room..."

And for all the rest of the Society knows, Sumire remains locked in her room to this day. The plot was never resolved, and people pretty much forgot about her.

Appologies for the inconvenience. The next chapter will be posted today.


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