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Insert The Best of Both Worlds Here (part 3 of 5)

Doug took aim at the missile and fired. The bullet ricochet off the missile's casing and knocked it go off course where it exploded harmlessly several feet away.

"Five to two aren't the best odds Jared, we need to retreat!" Doug yelled as he and Jared whipped out their Plothole Generators.

"Not so fast!" Deraj shouted as he pressed a button on his wristwatch. The antenna attached to the Great Temple suddenly began to emit a reddish glow and both the Agent's plothole generators shorted out.

"C'mon, this trick again?" Jared objected.

Deraj shrugged. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it,"

"Alright," Jared shrugged. "Well if you've got the situation here under control, I'm just going to go now."

He and Doug took off running, dodging knives, magic blasts, fireballs and earth waves.

Suddenly, a thought occurred to Jared and he stopped running.

"What are you doing?" Yelled Doug, swatting down a knife with his sword and shooting down another missile with his pistol.

"No man gets left behind!" Jared yelled, scooping up the immobile forms of Crunch and the LPGB before taking off running again.

With the sheer amount of weaponry being directed at them, the duo couldn't hope to to avoid it forver. Doug took a knife and a weak fireball in the back while Jared was tripped up by an earth blast.

Doug got back up and pulled the knife out of his back. Deraj's jacket had actually kept most of the attack from actually coming into contact with him. No wonder biker's like leather, it was not only cool, but great if you ever found yourself sliding across the pavement at 50 MPH. Doug thought as he pocketed the knife.

"Eolhc! I wanted that jacket back intact!" Deraj yelled.

"Hey, not my problem!" Eolhc responded.

"Don't let them get away!" Yelled Retsa, shooting a hail of rock shards at Doug.

Jared coughed up some dirt. "E-e-epicenter!" He managed to stutter as he hit the ground and Retsa's rock shards were suddenly swallowed by a massive wave of sand. Retsa summoned a massive firestorm to counter the wave, turning the sand into glass. Relyt and Ekard immidiatly began to attempt to break their way through the barrier.

"Save your breath fools!" Shouted Retsa.

"What! But they're getting away!" Objected Relyt.

"That path leads to the Agon Wastes, more specifically into the Space Pirates metroid hatchery." Retsa explained. "If we cut through Dark Aether we'll beat them there, and once we release the metroids they'll make quick work of Doug, and Jared will have no choice but to surrender."

Deraj turned to Retsa, "And how do you plan on getting us through Dark Aether without turning us all extra crispy?" He asked.

"Interrupt me again and I'll throw you into the Ing hive. I wonder what would kill you first, the atmosphere or the Ing?"

Retsa growldd and began to lay out her plan to the rest of the agents.


Tyler hopped to his feet and looked around. They were alone in the forgotten mine, and Osiris was gone, which was all the better.

"Well, shall we continue?" He asked as Ben, Drake and Shirley got up and dusted themselves off.

"We can't here, that's for sure, Osiris' liberal use of explosives has made the mine unstable. If we don't leave we risk the whole place caving in." Drake muttered.

"Well, let's go this direction, that's the elevator Relyt, Ekard and Eolhc came down in. Maybe we can see where they came from." Ben suggested.

"Well what are we waiting for?" Shouted Shirley, and with that the group called the elevator.


"Where are we going?" Asked Aster as she charged after Chloe.

"We have to find a light portal, it's a dimensional anomaly that can be used to cross from Dark to Light Aether. I've downloaded both Aether's Atlases and I believe I've found a location where we can cross over in Dark Agon Wastes into the Space Pirate mine."

Chloe suddenly stopped running and raised a hand to her helmet.

"Hang on, I'm getting a message from Jared's team, I'll put them on speaker."

"Chloe, Aster, what is your condition?" Came Doug's voice.

"We're fine, we ran into Cassandra, but I don't think we're going to be seeing much of her anymore." Chloe said. "But more importantly, I believe someone has set a trap in this fandom by making us think there were more Sues then there actually were."

Jared voice came out of her suits speakers in reply, "You're right, it was our PCMSPS counterparts. We need to regroup, what's your position?"

"We are currently en route to the Space Pirates Research Station."

"Good, so are we, over and out."


Jared closed his communicator and leaned against the wall, looking tired.

"Are you all right?" Doug asked.

"Yeah, just give me a minute," replied Jared.

"What's wrong?"

"That last burst of earth magic took alot out of me. Normally I'm able to recharge fairly quickly, but Aether is a dead planet, and I haven't been on soil since The Dresden Files, I'm on my last wind. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to keep using earth magic,"

Jared took a deep breath and shouldered the Boomhammer. "Well let's keep going, we don't want to the PCMSPS to catch up to us."


Charis stood in a corner of the science hall storage locker with Pete, both were looking at a massive ray gun-like device mounted on two iron legs that looked like it was about to fall apart.

"So what's this thing again?" Asked Pete.

"This is Jared's large scale Plothole Generator, he built it to get rid of the tribbles, but I believe it could possibly hold the key to breaking through the magnetic fields that has stopped our regular plothole generators from working. There's just one problem."

"What's that?" Pete asked.

"Jared began to dismantle this thing after he got rid of the tribbles, and Jared's method of writing blueprints is so unusual that I have no clue how to read them, I think they may be written in 'Lego'. We'll have to improvise when we try to reconstruct this thing."

Pete frowned, looking at the techie. "Hey, are you alright? You seem on edge."

"Well, ever since this morning, dealing with Jared's gadgets has become a dangerous task. If Tash hadn't asked me to develop a counter-magnet, I wouldn't even be considering it..."


Chloe and Aster entered the area known as the Dark Agon wastes, tracking the location of a dimensional anomaly that they could use to cross over to Light Aether, when Chloe's hostility radar suddenly lit up dead ahead.

A white bubble suddenly appeared and swelled, it retracted almost immediately, depositing the 5 PCMSPS agents. As soon as they entered the area a Luminoth Light Shield appeared around them, pushing back the harmful atmosphere.

"Designing a portable light crystal on the spot, no wonder you're the leader." Deraj acknowledged.

"Just remember, you'll die if you go outside five feet around me." Retsa said, keeping a tight grip on the Light Crystal.

Deraj was suddenly hit by a mass of dark energy, and was instantly encased in a purple cocoon of fluid like matter.

"Drat, I was hoping to hit the light crystal." Chloe muttered from her vantage point, "If I had, the Dark energy would have shut it down.

Relyt and Ekard immediately began to charge after Chloe and Aster, only to have Eohlc grab them by their necks.

"What part of 'don't go more than five feet from Retsa or you'll die' did you not understand?" She snarled.

Deraj broke out of his cocoon, breathing heavily. The last blast had inflicted more damage to his missile trooper armor, he wouldn't be able to take too many more hits, especially considering the amount of bullet holes Doug had already left.

"Aster, we have the advantage! We can fight in Dark Aether, they can't!" Chloe said as she dodged one of Deraj's missiles.

Retsa began hurling fireball at her counterpart, who dodged them with ease.

Aster flew towards the agents. Chloe did her best to follow using all of her Power Suits movement systems, using her Screw Attack to cross large gaps in the landscape and Space Jumping across the short ones, but despite her best efforts she quickly fell behind the fae.

"You know, in the manga version of this game, some of the troopers from the Tyr survived, they would have wiped these guys out long ago." Aster complainded as she launched ice shards at the group, they were quickly knocked aside by a hail of projectiles fired by the foil agents.

"We do not have time for this!" Yelled Retsa as she flung a fireball at Aster, the fae nimbly flew around it.

"I agree. Seeing as we both have earth powers, I propose that we combine them in order to bring this engagement to a speedy conclusion." Deraj prompted.

"For once Deraj, you're right. Follow my lead," Retsa commanded.

Deraj deactivated his Missle Trooper suit, Toyotanya briefly appeared in the groups midst before vanishing into a plothole.

Deraj closed his eyes, took a deep breath and began to draw Dark Aether's blackened planetary energy from his surroundings. When he opened them again he cupped his hands together and turned to Retsa.

"Meteor!" He shouted, interlocking his palms and releasing his stored earth magic at the leader of the group. The magic billowed around Retsa as she drew it around her, augmenting it with her own powers, then she sent the burst of energy into Dark Aether's bleeding red sky.

Chloe was only seconds away from a more effective firing range when a giant flaming rock fell from the heavens and smashed the ground in front of her. The shock-wave knocked her off of her feet and sent her flying back. Similar rocks were falling all around her, each with enough force to completely destroy her shielding within a couple of hits. Some of the meteors were even exploding as they hit the ground.

"Think they've had enough?" Deraj asked jokingly as he watched Aster frantically try and freeze and shatter meteors before they could hit her.

"No, but we don't have time to deal with them. Let us continue on our way." Resta ordered as they turned towards the Light Portal that would take them to Aether's Agon wastes. Retsa forced the portal open with a burst of light. She grinned and gave the struggling duo one last look before her group stepped through the portal, sealing it inside a tomb of rock behind them.


"Don't mess with nukes!"

"Storm Punch!"

"I don't call my moves!"

The Agents attacks collided with a grey colored door, all three bouncing off ineffectively. The door was equipped with a blast shield, impervious to even the heaviest of weapon fire.

"Now what do we do?" Asked Drake.

"I suppose we'll just have to go back to the Library and re-enter the fandom at another location, unless there's a way to get that shield off." said Tyler.

"I believe I can help you," came a female voice from the shadows. The group of Agents jumped.

"Who are you?" Ben asked.

A striking blond woman in a blue jumpsuit stepped out of the shadows. "My name is Samus Aran," she said, "That door will only open once all pirate resitance has been neatralized."

"But we already have! Do you see any pirate forces in this area?" Ben asked.

A sharp cry sounded from above, followed by an intense crash as several cracks spread across the ceiling.

"There is exactly one..." Samus replied as she drew her emergency pistol.

Another cry sounded as the ceiling collapsed, allowing Meta Ridley enter the area.

Samus charged her pistol and fired into Meta Ridley's face, Ridley reeled back, more in surprise than pain. Samus flipped the barrel of the weapon down and extended the plasma whip. She leapt at the creatures leg and slashed at it's knee. Ridley cried in pain and swung it's tail at Samus but she dodged and dove behind some rocks.

"Don't just stand there gawking! Cover me!" Samus shouted at the three agents.

Tyler began to fire magic blasts at the cybernetically enhanced dragon, the blasts only served to enrage it, causing it to refocus his attention on Tyler.

"Slicing Gale!" Drake yelled as he fired his boomerangs into Ridley's face, they burst harmlessly on contact.

"Aim for the chest you fools! It's the only place his armor is vulnerable!" Samus yelled as she flipped onto Ridley's back and swung her plasma whip into his mouth, the whip wrapped around it's tongue, smoke began to pour out of the mouth as Ridley hissed in pain and rose onto his hind legs.

"Don't mess with nukes!" Called Ben, pointing at Ridley's chest. The nuke impacted and exploded, shattering the chest piece.

Tyler leapt at the beast and slammed weapon into his chest, Ridley screamed as yellowish fluid burst from a wound.

"Isn't this the same way we beat the last resurrected cyborg freak?" Tyler asked as he wiped the yellow fluid off his shirt.

"Not quite, unless this guy is allergic to caffine I doubt Ben's coffee attack will work on this guys, but I have an idea. Tyler, do you feel up to trying that move we've been practicing?"

Tyler dodged an awkward blast of energy that burst out of Ridley's mouth around Samus' whip.

"What? You mean the..."

"Most certainly!"

"Let's do it!" Tyler said, turning around and heading for the wall behind Drake.

"Do I even want to know?" Ben asked as he leapt over a sweep of Ridley's tail.

"That depends, are you a fan of either baseball or classic X-men? Because you're about to witness a..." Tyler dramatically paused his sentence as he used his axle staff to pole vault himself to the far wall, he followed this with a magical energy charged leap over to where Drake was standing, he landed nimbly on one of Drake's glowing fists.

"Fastball special!" Tyler and Drake shouted simultaneously.

"Storm Punch!" Drake finished as he flung Tyler at Ridley for all he was worth. Tyler slammed into Ridley's chest staff first, followed by his shoulder, the chest piece let out a massive crack and split open upon impact. Tyler reached into his pouch, pulled out a grenade and dropped it into the crook of the opening and bounced off. The grenade detonated and created a massive explosion. Ridley gave an injured shout and took to the air, violently swinging his head to one side. Samus was thrown off and slammed hard into a wall. It would have only been a glancing hit had her armor been activated. She briefly regretted ejecting out of it to escape from Cassandra as she lost consciousness.


"Okay, so let's just do a quick recap. We can't run, we can't escape, and we can't fight with a reasonable chance of victory. You got any thoughts on the matter?" Jared asked as he and Doug wandered around the metroid hatchery.

"Well, if military history has taught me anything, when your back is to the wall and the odds are against you, the best thing you can do is set a trap..."


A glowing beam of energy fired out of a crater, latching onto it's edge. The Grapple Beam began to retract, dragging a very battered looking Chloe behind it. Her left arm dangled uselessly off to her side, obviously broken and she could barley see through her Suit's cracked visor. She needed to find Aster. If the Ing attacked her in her current condition she'd be easy pickings.

Aster herself had gotten off fairly easily, suffering only a few minor cuts and bruses from the attack. She emerged from her ice filled crater in time to see Chloe stumbling towards her. Aster immediately flew over to help.

"Chloe-chan! Are you all right?" the fae asked.

Chloe turned her head to face Aster, the Suit's joints creaking precariously as she did so. "My arm is broken, and I can't see through this damaged helmet piece. We need to cross over so I can take it off." she said grimly.

"That's is going to be difficult, Retsa sealed the portal inside a a tomb of rock."

Chloe sighed. "We'll just have to unseal it again. Point my Arm Cannon in the right direction for me, let's see if a Super Missle can release it."

Aster grabbed Chloe's right arm and turned until it was facing Retsa's tomb.

Chloe fired a Super Missle, impacting the rock pile and demolishing it. Inside the Light anomaly pulsated rhythmically as it blurred the dimensional gap between the two Aether's. Chloe switched her Arm Cannon to Light Beam mode and forced the portal open. Chloe and Aster stepped through.


Sparks flew across the room as Charis connected a pair of wires that obviously weren't meant to be connected.

"OUCH! I'll have this thing up and running if it's the last thing I do!" Charis shouted defiantly.


"Are you guys all right?" Chloe asked as she and Aster stepped through the portal.

"As well off as can be expected, what about you?" Jared asked.

In response Chloe deactivated her Power Suit and collapsed against the wall. Chevila, now in it's truck form, materialized next to her, the windshield was completely cracked and nearly impossible to see through.

"Chloe! What happened to you?" Jared asked as he rushed over to her.

"Retsa and Deraj. We need to get her back to the Library." Aster answered.

"No, I can still fight." Chloe insisted. "Just cut me a piece of one of Chevila's seat belts so I can fashion a sling."

"You're in no condition to fight, we're getting you out of here." Jared objected.

"We can't, the fandom's on lockdown. How'd you get out of this last time Jared?" Doug asked.

Jared stood up and looked at him, "I blew up the machine creating the lockdown and Plotholed into your lab. Unfortunately those lock out antenna are to far away for anything we use on them to be effective," he said grimly.

A door suddenly opened at the far side of the hatchery. Doug immidiatly aimed his pistol at it.

"Easy there, it's us!" Ben said, startled.

"Well, the gangs all here, so what do we do now?" Asked Drake.

Jared and Doug exchanged looks.

"We were planning on laying a trap, and now that we're all here we can engage them on more even terms, so if you'll all listen up I'll fill you in on the plan..."


"Is this it?" Asked Relyt as he stared at a door.

"Yes, the ACMSES agents are on the other side. Our job is to capture one of them, preferably Jared, does everybody know the plan?" Deraj asked.

"I don't." answered a random Uber Stu, Deraj answered by shooting him.

"We can afford no mistakes." He said as he reloaded his revolver.

"You really shouldn't shoot those, it's a waste of resources." Eolhc said.

"Don't worry, I have plenty of ammunition," Deraj said smugly. "Shall we go in?"


The doors to the hatchery opened and the PCMSPS entered.

"Alright people, here they come," Doug hissed into his communicator from his vantage point.

"Ah!" Relyt shouted as a metroid lunged towards him from inside it's cage.

"Don't wet yourself pansy, these metroids can't escape their cells," Retsa said coldly.

"Hey, come take a look at this!" Ekard shouted, "Jared must've left his hunk of junk parked over here."

Jared winced from his hiding spot. Jow dare they insult his truck, only his friends had the right to do that! He briefly considered jumping out of the shadows and giving Ekard a lesson in manners involving the Boomhammer before getting his temper back under control.

Deraj strolled over to inspect the truck.

"Ah, Chevila, such a quaint vehicle, the cannonization device must have failed when Chloe crossed over. Unfortnately for them, Aether doesn't have a vehicle friendly terrain. They must have left it behind. Jared shouldn't have been so careless about his truck, something might happen to it on such a dangerous planet..."

Jared knew what was going to happen next, he grimaced as Deraj drew his flashbar and smashed it into one Chevila's headlights. He felt his grip on the Boomhammer tighten.

"Yeah, a warp hound might decide to sharpen his claws on it!" Ekard said as he summoned his spear and used it to create a deep cut across the passenger side.

"This is not happening the way it's supposed to," Ben whispered to Tyler as they lay beneath a canvas in the back of Chevila.

"Yeah, who knew the evil organiztion would approve senseless destruction," Tyler answered sarcastically.

Retsa jointed in, hurling rocks all over the pickup, causing numerous dents.

This was not going according to plan, thought Doug. They were supposed to ignore the truck and follow the trail leading away from it into our pitfall, then Ben and Tyler would jump out and hit them from behind. The only thing that could make this go even more badly is if...

"I'll teach you not to mess with my truck! Boomhammer!" Came Jared's voice

"Of course," Doug murmured as he drew his weapon.

Ekard's vision was suddenly filled with stars as Jared's hammer came into contact with his helmet. Jared followed up the strike with a devestating a swing of the hammer that threw Ekard's legs out from underneath him. By the time Jared had finished and run off, he was only vaguely aware of the sound of an engine starting as Jared slid between his legs and hopped into Chevila's cab.

"Stop him!" Shouted Deraj as he summoned his missile trooper armor raised his missle launcher.

"Don't mess with nukes!" Shouted Ben as he sprung out of Chevila's bed.

"Oh crap!" Was all Deraj managed to say as the warhead impacted him.

"Chevila, don't fail me now!" Jared shouted as he put the truck in drive and hit the gas, Tyler and Ben both fell over from the force of the sudden acceleration.

"You won't get away!" Retsa shouted as she launched a massive fireball at the truck.

"Uh Jared, I think you should have yielded the right of way back there." Tyler muttered as he watched the approaching fireball.

"Where I come from, the vehicle with the biggest tires gets the right of way. I was simply following the rules of the road." Jared hastily replied as he pushed the pedal to the floor.

The trio passed under the rock pass Chloe, and Aster were hiding on. Once they pulled away it became apparent that they had some new passengers, courtesy of Aster's powers of flight.

"Do I always have to pull your pants out of the fire?" Chloe asked as she adjusted her makeshift sling fashioned from Chevila's passenger side seat belt. "Encahnto!"

A handfull of rubix cubes suddenly appeared in Chloe's hand. She brought her good arm back and flung the cubes at the fireballs, they exploded on contact and snuffed out the flame.

"Nice save," Tyler remarked, "But we have other problems."

Sure enough Deraj had apparently shaken off his initial encounter with one of Ben's nukes. Once he had regained his senses he had de-cannonized his car, which he, Retsa, Relyt, Eohlc and Ekard were now pursuing Chevila in.

"Gi gi gi, I just love a good hot pursuit!" Jared shouted.

"Duck!" Shouted Ben as Resta leaned out the window of the passenger door and began to launch bursts of fire and rock.

"Kyaa!" Aster yelled, firing blasts of ice and wind to counter the barrage.

"Hang on!"Jared said as he drifted around a tank of metroids.


"Well, so much for a well laid trap," Doug said as he and Drake ran after to two rapidly fading vehicles. "Now how am I supposed to catch up with them?"

That's when the Metroid tanks started breaking.


"They're gaining on us!" Ben shouted.

"I'm doing the best I can, Chevila was never built for speed, or power, or anything else for that matter!" Jared yelled in reply.

"Incoming!" Yelled Aster as she summond a wall of ice around the agents in the bed of the truck, a solid ball of earth impacted it a second later, sending rocks flying in every direction but towards the agents, including through the floor of the bed and into the undercarriage.

Jared looked at his dash just in time to see his gas gauge begin to dwindle.

"Dang it, that last blast hit my gas tank! I'm leaking fuel! I'm going to circle around and regroup with Doug and Drake, hang on!"

The agents in the bed scarcely had time to grab onto the sides of the truck before Jared cranked the wheel sharply to the right, the entire truck went up on two wheels as it swung around another Metroid tank. Jared winced as it leveled out with a bang.

"That can't be good on the suspension..."


"Die you freakin' flying parasite!" Doug shouted as he sliced a metroid in half, "There's no end to these things!"

Drake nodded grimly as he blasted a Metroid that had tried to dive at him.

"Then we can't stop either, keep fighting!"

Doug pulled out his pistol and began firing at a Metroid that was trying to flank him. The bullets made the thing shriek and flail, but didn't manage to dissuade it. He had to empty his entire clip before it finally died.

"Drake, cover me, I've got to reload!" Doug shouted before leaping behind a shattered Metroid tank.

"Slicing Gale!" Drake yelled, launching his boomerangs at a random Metroid. The Metroid dodged however and lunged at Drake. The surprised Agent couldn't react in time to evade the attack and the creature managed to latch onto his helmet. A cold numbness began to spread trough Drake's body as the Metroid began to drain his life force.

"C-C-Cold," he studdered, "Can't... breathe."

The metroid suddenly shrieked and died as Doug's sword was shoved through it's body.

"Thanks," Drake muttered, trying to ignore the Metroid goop-covered sword that was slightly penetrating his helmet.

"You can thank me later, those things are still coming!"

The empty Metroid tank behind Doug suddenly shattered as Chevila crashed through it.

"Did you miss us?" Jared shouted as the truck rolled to a stop.

"Jared, get us out of here!" Doug said as he and Drake jumped in the back.

Jared noticed the swarm of Metroids converging on truck.

"You'll get no argument from me!" Jared said as he hit the gas, the truck gave a sputter and died.

"Oh mierda!" Jared shouted, breaking into Spanish for emphasis, "I'm out of gas!"

A Metroid suddenly shot forward and slammed into Chevila's windshield. The glass cracked even more on impact. "All hands, this is the captain! Proceed to emergency escape pods!" Jared shouted as he threw his door open.

Chloe reached into the bed of the truck and grabbed Chevila's tire tool. It was along ways away from a blade, but it was going to have to work.

"We have to wrap this up quickly!" Tyler shouted, "Those PCMSPS agents are right behind us!"

A Metroid lunged at Tyler. Tyler ducked and the thing latched onto Doug.

"Gah, get this thing off of me!" He shouted.

"Let go of Doug-chan!" Aster shouted before she froze the metroid, Shirley lunged at it and smashed it in her jaws.

"Aster, keep freezing them! Metroids can't stand the ice!" Jared hollered.

"Don't mess with nukes!" Ben shouted, his attack was easily dodged by the agile Metroids however.

Aster took to the skies and began blasting Metroids, it wasn't long before the other Agents managed to destroy the frozen creatures.

"Well, that takes care of the Metroids, but what about the PCMSPS?" Drake asked.

Jared looked around, "They should have been here by now, did we lose them?"

"We're right here!" Retsa said as she flew into the clearing and began launching rocks.

Jared lifted his Boomhammer and swung it like a baseball bat. The rock it came into contact with shattered with a weak sounding "BOOM".

Great, now my hammer is starting to get fatigued, Jared thought to himself.

Aster shot into the sky after Retsa and swung her Moon Staff hard into her gut. Retsa made an indignant woofing sound and went down, although before she even hit the ground she was starting to recover. Doug and Ben ran to intercept her.

"So we meet again Tyler..." Relyt said as he rounded on Tyler and Drake.

"Are you ready to meet your superiors?" Ekard asked.

"Storm punch!"


Drake and Tyler lunged at their foes, both parried their blows and countered, Drake winced as Ekard's Drought Punch connected, Tyler simply made a comical prop noise as he was hit in the shoulder.

"So you're Chloe?" Eohlc asked as she drew two short swords. "Funny, I thought you'd be taller, are you ready to find out which of us is truely better?"

Chloe laughed, "How do you expect to find out which one of us is better if we aren't fighting on even terms? I'm fighting with a tire tool and a broken arm for crying out loud!"

Eolhc raised one eyebrow. "True, to beat you now would be an empty victory, so how about this..." Eohlc threw one of her swords at Chloe, who nimbly caught it in her good arm.

"As for your arm, I suppose we'll have to make do with this," Eohlc sheathed her sword and raised her right hand to her left shoulder. Chloe tried not to gasp at the fleshy sound of Eolhc dislocating her own arm.

"There, is that satisfactory?" Eohlc asked, wincing as she drew her sword and lunged.

Jared's hood slid across Chevila right as Deraj's flashbar came down, the blow missed and wound up putting a fresh dent in the side panel.

"Oh c'mon, I just painted that!" Jared objected as he lept off the other side of the truck.

Deraj did not reply, instead he just drew his revolver and fired, the bullet whizzed by Jared's ear as he dove beneath the truck.

"What's wrong? Aren't you going to try and hit me with your earth magic?" He said as he grabbed Jared by the ankle and dragged him out. Jared gracelessly flipped over and pulled some miniature mortar shells out of his pocket. Deraj was caught off guard when Jared threw them into his face. They stung a good deal and made Deraj let go of Jared's leg.

"Courtesy of the Little Plastic Green Beret!" Jared said as hit Deraj in the ankle with his Boomhammer.
Deraj winced as he stumbled back.

"So the dog still has some bite left after all. A pity. I was hoping this would be easy..."

Jared stood up and gripped his hammer, he was fairly sure he could take Deraj in a fair fight, but this fight was far from fair. His Earth magic was all but gone, and his Boomhammer was quickly burning through it's reserve of sonic energy, he needed to finish this fast or not at all.

Jared lunged at Deraj and attempted to land a right hook to his face but Deraj caught the blow and swung his leg out to meet Jared's. The less coordinated agent stumbled and fell.


One word was all it was, but it was enough to send Jared flying through the air, he landed with a thud.

"UUuggghhhh, cheap shot, that was a cheap shot..." Jared managed to moan as he struggled to his feet.

"You just don't give up, do you?" Deraj said as he began walking towards his counterpart.

Jared's mind began swimming, he needed to end this now, but he couldn't manage to string together a coherent thought, let alone a plan. He looked around and saw all of the agents struggling to fight their own individual battles, there was nobody to help him.

Jared gulped. He was going to have to throw everything he had at this guy. No plan, just power against power. He closed his eyes as he began to draw on his last remaining store of earth magic.

"C'mon now, you're done, just give up, you cannot win," Deraj taunted, loading his revolver.

Jared lifted the Boomhammer. He had tried using it against his foe, and it hadn't worked. He had tried using Earth magic, and it hadn't worked, but he hadn't tried both at the same time.

"Validus pango, attero meus hostilis! Pangea!" Jared shouted as he lifted the hammer above his head and slammed it into the ground.

Deraj's eyes widened as a shockwave tore through the ground heading right towards him, trailing a cloud of dust.

"Any chance that we could talk this out?" He asked right before he was hit by the combination earth, sound attack.

There was a mighty sonic boom that silenced those who heard it. Everybody looked to where Deraj had been, only to see a dust cloud rising ominously. Jared dropped his exhausted hammer, it faded away into nothing as the very energies that held it together were used up.

For a moment that seemed like an eternity, Jared just stood there, saying nothing. Everyone just watched him.

Except for one.

"You missed." Deraj hissed through a mouthful of cracked and broken teeth as he poped out of the ground behind Jared and pistol whipped him in the back of the head. Jared noiselessly feel to the ground, already unconscious. Deraj flung him over his shoulder and picked up a pair of car keys. Toytanya pulled up from around the corner and opened it's doors. Deraj quickly threw Jared in the backseat, got in and drove into a Plothole.

"Stop him!" Chloe shouted rushing after them, but it was too late. The Plothole had already closed.

"Package secure! We're done here. Everybody return to base!" Resta shouted as she opened up a Plothole.

The ACMSES briefly tried to attack the retreating agents. Only to be avoided and ignored as they disappeared into Plotholes.

"He's gone," Chloe cried, "They have him..."

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