Sunday, October 23, 2011

TAOM: Doug - Off-Duty

Doug had been lying on the hospital bed for 20 minutes since the co-op mission with Drake and the others in the Crash Bandicoot fandom. The fight with the Super-Sue had drained all his energy and enough blood to almost drive him berserk. He had been hooked up on the IV just to replenish his blood supply, and Valerie came to check up on him.

"How do you feel?" asked Valerie.

"I feel quite well. Thank you," replied Doug. Valerie looked through the test sheets.

"You know, the Library had little blood supplies before you came here. Ever since you came, your author had been sending blood supplies into the Library," commented Valerie, pulling out the needle from Doug's arm and taking out the empty blood pack.

"Yeah… even though being a halfling means I'm immortal and a knife through the heart won't kill me, I'm still dependent on extra blood," replied Doug, thinking back on the mission when he protected Aster from a knife thrown by the Stu at the fandom. Valerie nodded.

"Well, your recovery went well for a halfling. Your broken bones have mended by itself and blood capillaries are sealing up," said Valerie, looking through an X-ray and signing off a got up and stood next to Valerie.

"Just sign here," said Valerie, handing Doug a pen to sign on the discharge form. Doug signed it and gave the pen back to Valerie.

"Thank you. You've been discharged," said Valerie before going to her next patient. Doug walked out of the medical wing and headed to the labs.


Doug was walking through the corridors of the Society when he caught a rare sight. Charis, Karissa's elder sister and Society technician, was walking about the Library. Doug raced up and caught up with her.

"Hello, Charis. You're a rare sight,' greeted Doug.

"Hi Doug. What's up?" greeted Charis.

"The Library's ceiling," replied Doug.

"Huh?" asked Charis, who didn't catch on the joke.

"Never mind. Actually, I was looking for you. There's this gadget that had been going in my head for a while and I need your expertise on it," said Doug. Charis nodded and listened. "It's about combining a Bookmark and a Plothole Generator…"continued Doug as they both walked to the end of the corridor, disappearing at a corner. Suddenly, the Library rocked, followed by Adrian yelling out.

"ASTER!" echoed Adrian's voice. "Kyaa~!" replied Aster.


In the encyclopaedia section, the door with the word 'Guardian' inscribed on its side, opened. Out came Rina, the twin sister of Doug. She had long brunette hair that reached her waists, and she was wearing a pink jumper and a dark olive skirt with knee-length black boots. She was carrying a thermos flask with a fork and spoon attached to it. She headed to the Society labs where one of them was her brother's Chemistry lab. She knocked on the door and went in.

In the lab, Doug and Karissa were wearing safety goggles, writing down observations of the interaction between the Bookmark and the Plothole Generator.

"Been busy, bruder?" asked Rina, setting the thermos on the flask. Doug stopped working and took off his safety goggles.

"Ah, Rina. Nice to see you," said Doug, going to her. They both hugged and kissed each others' cheeks before Doug kissed her on the forehead.

"I brought in your favourite," said Rina reaching for the thermos. She opened it and it showed rice with roast pork. Doug took the spoon and fork and started taking portions of the meal into a plastic plate. He began eating the meal while Charis watches. Rina looked at Charis and offered.

"Do you want some?" asked Rina.

"No thanks. I already had my lunch," replied Charis. Rina nodded and headed to the door.

"Bruder, I'll be leaving now. Maddie sends her love," said Rina. Doug swallowed a mouthful and replied.

"Tell her I love her too. I'll be back on Sunday," said Doug before taking another mouthful. Rina left and closed the door.

Charis began tweaking the Society experimental gadget before making a statement.

"Doug, I didn't know you had a girlfriend," stated Charis. "Well, she wasn't until she reappeared after five years from the belly of my author's cryogenic storage. She started off as a colleague, as and until recently more than that," explained Doug.

"Kudos to you, Doug," said Charis before she began tweaking the gadget again.

Doug continued eating.


Doug was in a forest. He was in a ghillie suit, with an M21 Supressend sniper rifle and a Steyr AUG rifle on his back. He had been lying on the ground for quite a while, seemingly waiting for someone or something to be his next target. He saw some leaves move, and he took a shot. Something that was invisible to the naked eye became visible with paint streaks on its invisible body. The body moved quickly, and shurikens came out of nowhere. Doug quickly rolled to avoid the shurikens, but that left himself exposed. He quickly switched his weapons and made a run for it, with darts striking the ground behind him.

"I hate it when I become the hunted," thought Doug as he ran for dear life. He then stopped and turned around, but the body was not to be found. Then the paint streak caught his attention. He quickly fired a few shots, but missed the body. The body shot a few darts and a few managed to hit Doug. Doug took cover behind a tree and activated the heartbeat sensor device on his rifle. He quickly followed the dot that appeared on the screen, firing accurate shots at the body. The body then landed on the ground, phasing out of its camouflage. It was Cristoph. Cristoph drew out his ninjato and rushed towards Doug, dodging every shot. Doug, feeling that Cristoph was getting too close, dropped the rifle and drew out his sword. They both clashed, trying to make the other submit. Doug was losing the swordfight, so he quickly took a flashbang grenade and dropped it to the ground. The flashbang burst, blinding Cristoph and giving a chance for Doug to escape. He fired a grappling hook up to the forest canopy then rappel himself up and hid within the branches. He took his sniper rifle out and fired a shot. Before the bullet could reach Cristoph, Cristoph threw a smoke bomb, making himself disappear.

"What the-?" exclaimed Doug before he felt an arm wrap around his neck and choking him. Doug tried to pull it off but the arm was firmly in place.

"Okay, you win," gasped Doug between breaths. The arm loosened and the forest turned into a training room. Cristoph let go of Doug and patted him on his back.

"I'm still better than you at long range," commented Doug.

"And you still need work on your short range attacks," replied Cristoph. They both let out a laugh as they left the training room.


Doug headed to the encyclopaedia section to the door. He took his pen-shaped key and inserted it into the keyhole. The door opened and he entered it. Doug reappeared on a beach, where the sun was setting and there was a beach chair facing the sunset.

Maddie was on the beach chair with a two-piece bikini and sunglasses on. She waved her hand to Doug, calling him to come. Doug approached her and gave her a kiss on the lips.

"Hello love," said Doug.

"You're just in time for the sunset. Watch it with me," said Maddie. Doug got on the beach chair and hugged his lover, observing the horizon as the sun sank.

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