Monday, March 12, 2012

TAOM: Ben - Sentient Sticks & Stringed Instruments

Ben's mouth fell open, his eyes wide in surprise and pain. He slumped to the floor in the Library's music room.

"W-what?" He asked Shirley softly.

The Cliché Stick bit her lip. "I'm sorry Ben." She said quietly.

"All this time, you've been..." Ben stared blankly at his muse.

"Yes, but it doesn't change anything!" Shirley said urgently, clapping one clawed hand onto Ben's shoulder.

"Of course it changes things!" Ben shouted jumping to his feet. "Don't you get it, Shirley? It changes everything!"

"It means nothing!" Shirley insisted.

"It means everything!" Ben roared.

"We spent all this time together and all this time you've been lying to me!"

"I wasn't lying!" Shirley replied indignantly.

"You never told me the truth, that's close enough!" Ben glared at his muse.

"Oh, get over it!" Shirley snapped.

"How can you honestly believe 3 Inches of Blood's Justin Hagberg is a better guitarist than DragonForce's Herman Li?" Ben demanded.

"Gimme a break!" Shirley scoffed. "All Herman Li has to do is play 5 million notes a second, of course he's gonna get some of them right! Justin Hagberg actually has to work on sounding good!"

"Yeah, operative words being 'work on'" Ben shot back.

"Are you kidding me?" Shirley half shrieked. "Have you even heard Deadly Sinners?"

"Have you even heard Heroes of our Time?" Ben asked.

"At least my favorite band isn't so obsessed with juvenile fantasy that it bases all it's songs off it!" Shirley countered.

Ben's eyebrows shot up. "You want me to go get Mr. Chippy?" He threatened.

Shirley cocked her head to one side "Oh, you mean the chainsaw I had Seymour take in for maintenance this morning?"

Ben paled. "Maintenance?"

Shirley nodded slowly.

"This is going to hurt, isn't it?" Ben asked weakly.

Shirley smiled, bearing her fangs. "In ways you've never imagined." She leapt at him, claws outstretched.


Michael looked up from the duel he and Adrian were half-way through. "You hear someone screaming?" He asked.

Adrian shrugged. "Ignore it, some bishie probably just died in one of Aster's manga."

Michael nodded. "Trap Card." He said, flipping a card over.

Adrian swore.

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