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TAOM: Phoenixia - My Kind Of Fun

Note: The general rating for this chapter is a bit higher, due to some racey material towards the end. After all, it is Phoenixia we're talking about. =P

"But you said I could come with you!" Phoenixia was standing in Adrian's office, in front of his desk. Her hair was lavender and she was dressed in a sheer black, strapless dress that that threatened to fall off everytime she took a breath to pout, which, during this conversation, was quite often.

Adrian, who was busy packing what looked a picnic basket with food from his fridge, didn't pause in tossing a couple of lengths of French bread, a small ham and some cheese in it. "I know I said that, but things change, Phoenixia. We didn't realize that our next date would be on our six-month anniversary until just this morning. So we're going to spend some together by ourselves to celebrate the fact they we're together and still alive."

"Six month anniversary?" She folded her arms across her impressive bustline. "That's not anything special! You dated that princess from that psychic-filled universe for two years!"

Adrian blushed at the memory of that particular lover. "That was nearly a hundred and fifty years ago and it got really screwy when she started to meld our minds was I supposed to know that the females absorb the males into a hive-mind?" He shrugged it off and dropped a bag of sour-cream-and-onion chips into the basket and flipped the lid closed. "Anyway, you know it's different between Tash and I, Phoenixia."

"I know..." The hologram sighed in defeat and watched Adrian exit the room, plopping herself in his chair and kicking her heels up on the desk, leaning back as she ran her hands through her hair. "It's so boring around here..." In truth, even while she had been talking to Adrian, she had been scanning the Library computer's for viruses, updating the firewalls and adding the new books to the Library's online catalogs and a dozen other things, but doing things like that was to her what breathing was to people- instinctive and not requiring a miniscule of a fraction of one's attention.

Sighing again, she twiddled her thumbs as she thought about what she could do today. "What to do... what to do... what to do... what to do..."

Luckily for her, something to do came peeking cautiously around the corner of the door to Adrian's office. "Is he in?"

Phoenixia dropped her feet down and sat upright, seeing Chrys' dog-eared head poked around the edge of the doorframe. "Adrian? No, he's out with Tash right now..."

"Oh..." Chrys sighed. "It took forever to find this office and I was hoping to ask him how he keeps his tail from getting cramped in his clothes all the time. It can really start to hurt..."

The hologram grinned as she walked around the desk and towards the shy hanyou. "Well, I'm sure I've got some information about that in my databanks...why don't we talk about that while we have some fun...?" She grinned teasingly.

Chrys gulped.


"Oh, you're so cute!" Phoenixia smiled and clapped her hands together, pleased at theresult standing before her.

Chrys spun on her heel and looked at herself in the three-way mirror, which let her see herself from all angles, blushing sheepishly. "Well, I do kinda feel more confident..."

The pair had spent the last hour or so trying on clothes (Read: Phoenixia forcing Chrys into whatever cute outfit she could find.) and currently, the hanyou was dressed like Adrian, with a sleek form-hugging bodysuit that surprisingly comfortable and easy to move in and a pink and sky-blue trenchcoat that Phoenixia had found 'lying around in the back of Adrian's closet, stuffed into a box and buried behind his shoes' and a pair of knee-high boots that elevated Chrys a few more inches, making her as tall as Phoenixia.

Smiling a bit, Chrys suddenly struck a pose, hand on her hip and her other hand in the 'V' sign and managed to fit a look of supreme confidence on her face. "It's just cooler that way!" Then she broke down in a fit of giggles while Phoenixia nearly doubled over with laughter.

"Ah, child, that so amusing..." The hologram managed out after she regained herself, straightening and still chuckling a bit. "That was so him...if Adrian looked like a girl, then I swear he'd look just you do now!"
Chrys blushed and shifted a bit. "I don't really think so..."

"Of course he would, dear." Phoenixia waved Chrys' concern away. "And you look good like that and a lot less like jailbait..."

A whine emitted from the hanyou and her ears folded up as she blushed, hugging herself and shifting. "Mnnnyeh...!"

"Oh, relax." Phoenixia patted the hanyou on the head and grinned. Suddenly, a mischevious thought worked it's why into her head and she rubbed at the base of Chry's ears. The hanyou's eyes went wide before her face melted in a blissful expression. "Ha! Just like Adrian's!" Snickering, the older woman rubbed harder and Chry's expression became more blissful as she sighed happily, a dreamy smile on her face. It was quite amazing that her legs hadn't given out yet.

"Well, that's enough of that. I've got a sailor fuku I want you to try..." Phoenixia stopped petting her ears and turned to get the next outfit, but toppled over as Chrys clung to her leg, head rubbing against her thigh. "ACKIES!"

Landing with a thud, Phoenixia turned and glanced down at the hanyou hugging her leg, letting out contented sighs and nuzzling her." Right...forgot that they both do this..."Sighing, she reached down and started to pet Chrys' ears again. (I'm gonna be here for awhile...)


She dashed across clearing, light-machine gun clenched in her hands as she glanced left and right, moving as fast she could to minimize her exposure. She had won a couple of rounds, but her opponents were adapting to fighting her and it was getting harder to take them down, especially this late in the game when she only had so much ammo left and a pair of plasma grenades...

Gunfire sounded and kicked up dust at her feet and Phoenixa jumped the last few feet between her and her desitination, wincing as several violet Needler rounds impacted on her energy shield and lodged there before bursting apart, short bursts of gun fire following her path before thudding into the wall as she darted into a doorway.

Glancing behind her, she saw a pair to figures coming after her, a pair of SPARTANS dressed in MIJOLNIR armor, one colored the typical off-green of Master Chief and the other sporting a blue/white streak combo on his, both of them armed to the teeth.

Moving further inside the building, Phoenixia ditched her almost empty assault rifle and scooped up a plasma rifle. While the difference between the two weapons was not much, damage-wise, But the plasma rifle had full ammo and she needed all the help she could get. She wasn't dressed in MIJONIR armor, finding it too bulky and unattractive for taste, she was dressed in combat gear, including light body armor, belts for weapons and grenades and a eye-piece visor that was her HUD, (Heads-Up Display), showing her ammo status, what weapons she had with her and a radar that showed how close the others were to her.

Like, MIJOLNIR armor, Phoenixia's custom battle gear did produce an energy shield and for that she was thankful, as she had been ambushed on the last round by one of the other players and engaged them in melee combat and due to the MIJOLNIR armor's agumented strength, he would have taken her out if not for the shield, which had bought her enough time to escape.

The darkened building was lit up briefly as a hail of energy weapon shots zipped at her, some of them splashing on her shield. The raven-haired women fired a quick burst of return shots and moved quickly across the room and up the stairs. There was a door that lead to to a fire-escape. If she could get to it, she could outflank her pursuers and take them out. She rounded the corner of the hallway...

Only to see the blue/white SPARTAN waiting for her. She barely had time to curse as a fully-charged plasma pistol shot hit her and completely knocked down her shield and he opened up with the pistol in his other hand, her sight going red for a half-second everytime she was struck. Swearing to herself, Phoenixia ducked back around the corner and up the second flight of the stairs, her two pursuers right behind.

Stepping into a hallway, she moved halfway down it and turned to face the direction she had come, counting to herself before hurling one of her two remaining plasma grenades...just as the off-green SPARTAN rounded the corner.

The hallway was too closed in to effectively jump and avoid the grenade, but he tried anyway, the plasma grenade sticking to his chest plate and began to release little bits of plasma as it neared detonation. In a desperate attempt, he charged forwards in hopes that he'd get close enough that the detonation would take Phoenixia with him, but they both knew it was futile and the grenade exploded, toppling the SPARTAN to the ground and sending his weapons clattering to the ground.

As the second SPARTAN rounded the corner and opened fire with his two pistols, Phoenixia switched weapons, a energy sword snapping to life in her hand as she dashed forwards, weapons fire striking her weak recharging shield and sapping it's power, before she managed to close the distance and stab the blue/white SPARTAN, the blow killing him instantly.

Snatching up the Sniper Rilfe he had dropped, Phoenixia whirled, knelt, took a second to aim with the scope and fired a single shot, the heavy round zipping across the hallway, through the window at it's end and across the clearing, before slamming into the red/black SPARTAN's head, who had been standing on the cliff's edge and aiming for her with his Sniper Rifle. Phoenixia's round dropped him instantly.

Grinning madly, Phoenixia stood up and struck a sexy victory pose, jets of sparks erupting behind her as she winked and the words 'EPIC WIN!' flashed in big letters above her head.

Doug, Drake and Christoph all stared at the image on the plasma TV screen mounted into the wall for a long moment, before Drake sighed in defeat. "Man, if we had gotten her that time, it would have made three..."

Christoph nodded in agreement. "It appears Lady Phoenixia's is a adept player. How she figured out where Lord Doug was is beyond me."

As she had heard his words, Phoenixia's image on the screen smirked. "By the way, bright red armor on a brown cliff? Yeah, not exactly very hard to miss."

Doug could feel his eyebrow twitching badly and he let out a low growl. "I'm an expert at these games and i"m being beaten by a hologram!"

"Oh no, dear. You aren't getting beaten. You are getting PWND!"


"Hey, does the Power Coupling does this go to the Weapons or the Transformation System?" Emily's head poked up over the edge of the floor compartment, holding a metal device up for Phoenixia to see.

"Huh?" Phoenixia was seated at the pilot's seat, taping away on the keys as she ran checks on the Phoenix Zord's computer systems. While she could do without actually being physically present, it scared Emily bit when the ten-year old was talking to a disembodied voice or Phoenixia just sat there and stared off into space, so the sentient computer program was doing it by hand. "Oh, that one goes to the Shields, dear. It's the green set of wires."

"Kay, thanks." Emily ducked back into the compartment and a few seconds later, Phoenixia could hear the sounds of clanging and metal on metal could be heard, Emily's hand appearing and patting around the compartment to grab whatever tool she needed at the moment.

Phoenixia tapped in key combination and grinned in success as the comscreen on the console sprang to life, flickering a bit before showing the image on the Library's security cams. "Yes!"

Several decades ago, Adrain had taken the time to remodel several of the Library's rooms into something other than shelves or reading rooms, because looking at books all the time would drive him mad. Of course, only he really know the location of these changed rooms, since the Library was constantly shifting rooms around. And one of them happened to be a hot spring room, where Phoenixia knew that Adrian was taking Tash for their date.

Currently, the camera showed that the pair of lovers were seated on a picnic blanket, the remmants of their meal set to the side. They were talking and then Tash leaned over and kissed Adrian, pushing him onto his back. Adrian kissed her back and and the couple rolled towards the hot spring, tugging at each other's shirts, with Adrian just slicing Tash's off with his claws.

Grinning to herself, Phoenixia leaned back into her chair and killed the sound. (So as not to corrupt young ears.) Adrian and Tash may not make love as frequently as some of the Agents might expect, but Phoenixia knew that when they did do so, it was a show most definitely worth watching. And thanks to the security cams everywhere, she always got a front row seat.

By now, the couple had landed in the spring, having lost their shirts, pants and a sock apiece. Adrian cuddled Tash close to him and after a few seconds, her bra joined the pile clothes on the edge of the pool. Then he started kissing down her neck and Tash shivered, tilting her head back to give him better access.

Phoenixia settled herself more comfortably into the chair and got ready to watch the show, only for the camera image to flash purple and then turn to static. It took her a moment to realize that Adrian had destroyed the camera by throwing his sword into it. (That's not fair!)

"Hey, Phoenixia..." Emily clambered out of the compartment, her overalls smudged with grease, dirt and various liquids and fluids. "Can I ask you something?"

"You already did, but I know what you mean, so ask away." Phoenixia replied, mentally sighing in frustration at the lost of her entertainment. Swiveling the chair around to face the young Emily, her crimson/green-streak hair dancing with the motion, she crossed her arms over her work overalls. (For Emily's sake, she wore a shirt underneath them and made sure nothing indecent was showing at all.) "I'm an open book, kiddo."

"Well..." Emily pocked her spanner and pulled out a rag, wiping the grease and stuff off her hands as she spoke. "How come you're always being so sexy and trying to sleep with everyone? Don't you have a boyfriend or something?"

Phoenixia smiled gently at her. "I'm not an actual person, remember. I'm a computer program and my form is a holographic one. So I do not age. And it'd be too heartbreaking to get into a relationship, because my partner would age and I wouldn't. And I'm sexy and seductive because I find it fun- it's just who I am. And..." She smiled wryly. "For the record, I don't sleep with everyone. I don't go after the married, engaged or anything like that and I am kinda picky about who I sleep with, dear one."

"Oh..." Emily nodded and was quiet for a moment as she finished wiping her hands clean. "Then...if you don't fall in love because your boyfriend will age and you won't, then why did Adrian fall in love with Tash? Won't the same thing happen to him?"

The question surprised Phoenixia a bit. "You're awfully perceptive for a ten year-old, Emily...yes, that will happen. Adrian is immortal, so he cannot age. Tash... is not immortal."

"So if he knew he was going to get hurt in the end, why did he fall in love?"

Phoenixia chuckled a bit." Dear one, you do not 'choose' to fall in love, it simply happens. And yes, sometimes, it doesn't work out how you want and it can very, very painful. But love is also full of wonderful, beautiful moments, too and those can make the pain bearable."

"But Adrian is the Librarian, right? And he's been around for a really long time and knows a lot of stuff, so he can make Tash immortal, right?" Emily asked suddenly, looking at Phoenixia a bit eagerly.

The older woman frowned a bit. While it was true Adrain and she had been researching methods to make Tash immortal, many of them were too dangerous or costly and all of them carried the heavy price of being forced to watch your loved ones die while you did and Adrian have finally stopped researching, refusing to submit Tash to the kind of life he had. "Well, it's possible in theory, but he hasn't been able to make it real yet... why do you ask, dear one?"

"Well..." Emily looked down at the floor, drawing a little circle on the floor with her foot. "It's just that, I thought if he could make Tash immortal, then he could make me un-immortal... my sisters said we don't age after twenty and we can live forever... and I've seen what they tried to do.." Her head snapped up, worry and fear in her eyes. "I don't want to be like that! I don't want to grow up and control people and live forever and be hated and... and... and..." Then she burst into tears, sobbing.

"Oh, dear one..." Phoenixia reached out and scooped up the sobbing child in her arms, cuddling her to her lap. "Shhh... it's okay, it's okay, Emily..." Stroking the girl's hair, she gave her a quick kiss to the forehead. "You're not going to end up like that. I know you're not."

Emily sniffled and hugged Phoenixia. "How do you know...?"

"Because..." Phoenixia rubbed Emily's back soothingly. "You aren't your sisters, dear one. Just because they turned out the way they did, doesn't mean you will. And with people like Hati and Tash and Adrian and the rest of the Society taking such good care of you, you definitely won't. You might be a bit crazy and go on roaring rampages of PMS, but you'll be just fine."

Emily laughed a little before her face got sad again. "But I'm a Sue...and when I grow up, I'll change..."

"Ah, ah ah!" Phoenixia pressed a finger to the girl's lips to silence her. "Listen to me well, dear one. Your powers as a 'Sue' are just that- your powers. When you develop them, you are the only one who gets to decide what you do with them. Your siblings chose to be Sue and Stus and conquer things because they didn't have any guidance and thought their powers made them better than everyone else. They don't, it just means you are simply different than everyone else. After all, does Adrian being Librarian make him better than Tash? Or Hati?"

"No, it just means that he can do things that they can't and they can do things he can't."

"Just right!" Phoenixia grinned and tapped Emily on the nose with a finger. "And when you get your powers, you'll be able to things others can't. But you're not going to go around conquering fandoms and being a bad little girl, because you've got so many good people to show you the right way. So no more tears, okay?"

Emily smiled back and nodded a bit. "Okay...thanks, Phoenixia." She suddenly gave Phoenixia a pair of wonderful puppy dog eyes. "Will you sing for me while I work some more? Pleeeeease?"

The older woman laughed. "You've certainly been practicing those, haven't you? Alright, alright. I'll sing. Just don't let this get out, kay?" She gave Emily a secretive wink. "I've got a reputation to keep."

"Don't worry, it's safe with me." Emily slid off Phoenixia's lap and darted back to the compartment as Phoenixia changed into a ball grown and her hair became auburn curls.

"Hush, little child, don't fear the lighting... listen to my voice and all your troubles will fade away... smiles more precious than gold..."


Beth glanced around the room to make sure it was empty, then continued typing away the computer console to the Blacklist. "Putting Torchwood on the Blacklist won't stop seeing me from my precious Jack, Tashy!" Smiling evily to herself, she continued typing rapidly. "All I got to do is hack through the firewall..."

Just then the computer beeped and an message flashed up on the screen.


Beth stared at the computer. "What the..."

Then a second message appeared on the screen.


There was a long moment as Beth debated what to do...

Then she started typing again. "Maybe if I hack more, she'll let me be on top."


Later the night

Harriett, Jess, Ossa, and Aimee were all sitting in one of the reading rooms, the Society's founder sprawled across the couch with a bowl of popcorn on her belly, her feet in Jess's lap. Aimee was seated in an armchair and Ossa was leaning against her legs.

The Native American Agent stretched a bit. "So what are we watching again...?"

"Rurouni Kenshin." Jess replied. "Adrian lent to me, said it was really good." She snatched a few kernels of popcorn from the bowl and popped them her mouth.

Hati tried to shot a mock glare at her, but couldn't muster the energy and munched on some popcorn instead. "Tash says it is and she's got good taste... She is British, after all."

The other girls nodded, as the fact that British girls are always have good taste and ideas was a universal law- no matter what universe they were in, even as Aimee grabbed the DVD player remote and pressed the 'Play' button.

All four of them watched as the opening credits and music began to play and then blinked in surprise as the screen suddenly became filled with static before settling and resolving into Phoenixia's grinning face. And she was grinning like a fox that had just cornered a chicken.

'Hi. Good evening, ladies. Well, I'm only here for minute. You see, my dear Adrian and Tash has slighted me and since I am a firm believer in absolute revenge, enjoy yourselves! And I wouldn't be amiss to a visit afterwards, either!' Then she winked at them and was gone, an image popping up on the screen.

The four of them blinked at one another before their jaws dropping slightly and their eyes widening in surprise as a series of sharp moans and harsh breathing came out of the speakers.

"Oh...oh...oh...yes! Yes, so good, hot kitty sex... so damn good! Give me more, kitty! More!"

The four girls' eyes widened even further as they realizes who it was. "Adrian... and Tash!"

Indeed it was. The blond-haired Society leader was sprawled on a bed, her white-haired lover on top. The camera gave a wonderful side view of things and both of their naked bodies covered in sweet and Tash's body as well as Adrian's back where covered in what looked scratch marks. Both were panting and moaning and looking very, very happy.

"So good... you feel so good, love... always so good." Adrian's voice was a bit muffled as he raked his claws down her sides and legs.

"Just for you, Master... only you... I want more, Master... so much more!" Tash moaned and panted and writhed a bit, her breath coming in sharp gasps."I'm yours! All yours. I'm your pleasure slave, I'm your-" Then she was cut off as she arched her back so much that the the four viewers thought it was going to snap, her face twisted in pleasure as she let loose a high scream. "Oh GOD!"

Ossa stared at the screen. "Holy crap... Tash is tied up... with my chains! She's into bondage!"

Harriet's eyes were no less wide than anyone else's, but they were fixed on another part of Tash's body as the bound-up Leader moved with her lover in the throes of passion. "Holy shit... talking to your boobs does make them grow! She's huge!"

Aimee and Jess were also staring, though they were more focused on the sweating,moaning kitty Librarian, with his well-defined muscles covered in sweat. "She's not the only one that's huge..."

Adrian stepped into the doorway, Tash a few seconds behind him. "We heard noises, is everything alright...?" Then his eyes went very wide and he gulped as he saw what on the TV screen, letting out a word in a language no one understand, but grasped that it was a curse word.

Tash just went very pale and somehow bright red at the same time. "...Bollocks..."

All four of the viewing girl's heads snapped over to see the two Leaders in the doorway (meanwhile, on the screen, the recorded Adrian and Tash had switched positions and there was a lot of sucking noises)...and then all four of them got sly grins on their faces.

"Damn... damn... damn..." Adrian muttered to himself and shifted embarassedly, whispering out of the corner of his mouth. "Why are they looking at us like that..?"

Tash, still doing her pale-white/fire-engine red trick, merely gulped. "I told you we should have taken Phoenixia along..."

"What! You're the one who insisted we leave her behind! It was a date, after all!"

"You're the one who disabled the cameras in the room!"

"Oh, Tashy..." Hati's singsong voice interrupted the lover's argument and they both turned to see the four girls had slid out of their seats and where working their ways towards the pair. "You didn't tell me you got that big... I think I'm jealous..."

"I really didn't that big, Hati..." Tash replied nervously, taking a few steps backwards the door as Adrian did the same, neither of them liking the look in the four advancing girl's eyes. "It... was just a spell Adrian found... just a spell.."

"Then you'll have to teach me that one." Hati grinned naughtily. "From the way you screaming, it looks like it was a lot of fun..."

"I don't think Adrian used a spell, though..." Ossa smirked, in a way that was impossible to mistake for innocent and pointed at Adrian. "In fact, I'm definitely sure he didn't.."

Adrian blushed more heavily and pulled his trenchcoat around himself as Tash managed to shoot him a glare.  "Don't look at me like that...hearing you moan always make me hot..."

Jess shucked off her jacket. "Come on... we want the hot kitty sex..." The other three girls nodded in agreement.

Tash clung to Adrian's arm possessively. "No! That hot kitty sex is mine! All mine!" She paused and looked thoughtful for a moment. "Well... Phoenixia gets some on the weekends if I'm around..." Then she clung to him again."But otherwise, he's my hot kitty sex machine!"

"I don't think they're gonna take no for an answer..." Tash yelped as Adrian grabbed her, tucked her under his arm and dashed down the hallway, all four girls in hot pursuit.

"We can learn to share, Tashy!" Hati yelled after the pair. "It's not like we haven't felt each other up before!"

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