Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Insert Oddly-Metered Poem Here

The Story of a Snack, a Journey, Random Stuff, and Other Things of Considerable Importance

Gently he sat there
And gently he thought,
His eyes and soul fixed
On the thing that he sought –
If won, his prize
Gratification would bring;
If lost, his suffering
In mind would bring.
The confections were made
Of chocolate and nut;
For there they awaited
For him to find – still, but
Tyler was aware
Of the traps lying there
And he had to admit
That they have him a scare;
The risk was worth it!
And onward he went.
He dodged the projectile
Towards him being sent.
Past the long desperate pit
Of the fire within;
Through the closing-in walls
Trying to squash him right thin;
Alas! No! His rival
Was coming too near;
But Tyler went up and
With the swiftness of a deer
Pinned Drake to the wall
With a trap meant for him;
Drake cried out protesting
But his chances were grim
He'd never have the cookies;
For him they were never meant;
And Tyler knew that they
Were calling for him being sent;
He ran into a sphinx
Its riddle strangely sharp
But the answer was simple
Tyler hit the thing with a carp
And ran into a wall
With spikes it was filled
Tyler ran away quickly
And ran into the chill –
A freezing-cold room!
He'd be dead within an hour.
Or at least not quite dead
But surely drained of his power.
But Tyler made movement
And made himself warm
And thus he found the door
He'd caused himself no harm
He ran into the place
Where a door was locked tight
He needed a key, he might know
Where it was… yes he might…
He found a secret exit
Where a temple lay still
He found a key lying
Flat on the windowsill
He picked up the key
But a rumble cried out
A boulder made of trenchcoats
Was creating such a shout
As he ran from the stone
He held the key in hand
He turned around and
Made his final stand
He insulted the boulder
You may think it strange
But when he opened the door
The place began to change
The wall was a hologram
The door projected so
The floor was collapsing
Like kneaded bread dough
Tyler saw what went on
He was falling into a pit
But thankfully he had on him
His "In Case of Falling Kit"
He opened the kit
And took out a pack
He deployed his parachute
And fell into a sack
He still ripped the sack –
He'd never be caught.
The cookies were still there
A prize that was still sought.
But when he got to the altar
With food tasty like the sun
He found a blue-haired girl
Finishing off the last one
She'd flown over the whole course
With dexterity and ease
She normally didn't chase after snacks
So she was easy to please
"I'm sorry, did you want one?"
But it was too late
That pleasure anticipated
Had begun to abate
It's too far gone now, he thought
Looking off with a groan
He'd get the snack next time,
He said with a sad tone
And tomorrow, he knew
He would do this once more
And he turned away from Aster
And walked out the door.

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